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The Most Dangerous Household Electrical Hazards – What To Do!

Knowing the most dangerous household electrical hazards will be important to know what to look out for to prevent them. These situations can mean that electrical fires, shocks and other dangerous events can occur if they are not fixed. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here for Sydney locals to inspect for these issues around the home and ensure they are prevented and repaired. 

The most dangerous household electrical hazards are:

  • Damaged cords and wires
  • Poor light installation
  • Electrical outlets near water
  • Poorly performed DIY electrical jobs
  • Using electrical appliances near water
  • Broken extension cords
  • Damaged wiring
  • Covering electrical wires
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What are the Most Dangerous Household Electrical Hazards?

Below are the most dangerous household electrical hazards:

Damaged cords and wires

When cords and wires are damaged this often means that they are exposed and this is a dangerous situation. Damaged and exposed wiring means that the insulation around them has worn away or been frayed. This exposed wiring can lead to people becoming shocked when they touch them or the chance for sparks to fly. Make sure any electrical cords or wires are replaced with new ones or have an electrician inspect and repair the issue.

Poor light installation

It is important that the lightbulb chosen for the light fixture is of the correct wattage to prevent overheating. Also, ensure that a licensed electrician carries out light installation jobs to make sure it is done properly and the lightbulb does not heat up. Any person can install lights but a certified electrician will perform the light installation more safely and reliably. 

Electrical outlets near water

Newer homes cannot have outlets close to places with water, such as near the sink or shower, but older homes might. Look to see if any outlets are close to sources of water as this can mean that water can make contact with electricity which is never ideal. An electrician should be contacted to move the powerpoint to prevent dangerous problems in the future. 

Poorly performed DIY electrical jobs

There are few electrical tasks untrained electricians can perform but people will still carry out DIY electrical tasks. It is strongly recommended that an electrician performs electrical tasks to prevent major defects and issues. Our blog ‘what electrical work can I legally do myself’ helps describe the tasks any person can do and all other tasks are recommended and must be done by a trained electrician. 

Using electrical appliances near water

Similar to outlets near water sources, having wet hands and handling appliances and alike is extremely dangerous. Make certain to never do this, as well as never operate electrical appliances or systems near water. 

Broken extension cords

Extension cords are often overused, trodden on and when used too frequently and with high volume they can overheat. It is important to never plug multiple extension cords with each other as the chance of electrical overloading increases significantly. Extension cords that are exposed are also a dangerous situation. Make sure that extension cords are not heavily relied on and that they are inspected regularly to see if they need replacing. 

Damaged wiring

There are many dangers of old electrical wiring that is within the home and should be replaced as soon as possible. The older the electrical wiring system running in the home means the more likely it is not properly handling the electrical demand. Older wiring will have a higher chance of being exposed, damaged, worn out and potentially overheating. To prevent major electrical dilemmas make sure to organise an electrician to replace the old internal wiring of the home with a new one. 

Covering electrical wires

It is important that wires are not covered by anything because they can easily overheat. If they are covered then people might also not know that they are accidentally damaging them. Make sure the wires are open and have room to breathe and ventilate to ensure they do not overheat.

How Can I Avoid Dangerous Household Electrical Hazards?

It is highly recommended that an electrician performs an electrical safety inspection regularly to look for potential issues. The electrician will inspect all wires and cables for any wear and tear, exposure and inf they need replacing. All appliances will be inspected to ensure there are no faults or if they need to be replaced or moved. Electrical outlets and extension cords will be looked over and also the lighting system for any overall issues that need repair. 

Trusted Emergency Electricians Repairing Electrical Hazards

The Local Electrician is here with fully qualified electricians to inspect for any potential or current dangerous household electrical hazards. Our electricians are fast to the job and know how to efficiently inspect every electrical system of the home. We always use the correct inspection technique for specific systems and appliances. Our team will also repair any potential or current problems using professional methods and tools.

We offer our emergency electricals, electrical inspections and also reliable Level 2 Electrician services to all of Sydney, including Inner West and Northern Beaches.


For trusted electrical services with inspecting for and repairing dangerous household electrical hazards – rely on The Local Electrician!

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