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Ultimate Home Electrical Safety Checklist

Home electrical safety is extremely important to prevent electric shocks and other electrical hazards. Small accidents with electrical wiring and systems can lead to electrical fires and electrical accidents quickly. That is why knowing simple safety guides on electrical appliances, systems and wiring can prevent these dangerous situations. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team will work, repair or replace at any time of the day, dealing with electrical emergencies and keeping everyone safe. 

The best home electrical safety checklist and guidelines to follow are:

  • Reduce the number of extension cords used
  • Install child-proof plugs on sockets
  • Remove an appliance from a powerpoint by the plug and not the wire
  • When replacing light bulbs turn the light off
  • Electrical cords should be unwinded completely when used
  • Ensure specific appliances are not left unattended, including hair dryers and heaters
  • When not using a switch turn it off on the appliance and electrical outlet
  • Make sure powerboards do not have too many appliances connected to it
  • Do not stack double adapters onto each other
  • Make sure to never handle appliances near water or when wet
  • Have proper ventilation for appliances which will generate heat
  • Perform regular electrical safety inspections 
  • Have a qualified electrician perform electrical work, including installations and repairs
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What are Some Home Electrical Safety Tips?

It is extremely important that people are safe around their electrical appliances and systems to prevent major concerns. People can be unaware that certain habits or actions can lead to potential electrical fires and shocks. Appliances can easily become ruined as well and costly repairs may be needed. The best home electrical safety checklist and overall tips to follow regularly are:

Extension Cords

Using multiple extension cords can increase the electrical load of a system and can be extremely dangerous. If numerous appliances are connected to a group of extension cords plugged into one powerpoint then the chance of electrical overloading is high. Connect appliances directly to outlets when possible and limit the number of extension cords used. 

Child-proof Plugs

To help protect babies, toddlers and young children from receiving electrical shocks, installing child-proof plugs will help. These prevent children from accidentally poking their fingers into outlets to dangerously unplugging appliances. 

Remove Appliances By the Plug

It is important that appliances are removed from outlets by the plug and not by pulling the cord. Doing this frequently can stress the internal wires of the appliance and can lead to them breaking. 

Turn Lights Off Before Installing

To prevent electric shock during a light installation or replacement job make sure that all lights are turned off before. Especially if a non-electrical contractor works on the light, the chance of electric shock from the lights still on will increase. 

Unwind Electrical Cords Completely

When using electrical appliances the cord should be unwinded completely to help prevent the wire from overheating. As the wires are bunched together they will become hotter and the chance to spark an electrical fire can rise.  

Leaving Appliances Running Unattended 

It is extremely important that appliances are never kept on and left unattended. This is especially true to appliances such as hair dryers, heaters and other ones which generate heat. They might easily warm up the surrounding area or cause the surface that they are on hot which can lead to fires. 

Turn Off Appliances

When appliances are not in use it is important to turn them off to prevent items overloading. By switching appliances which are not in use off this will also save money on the energy bill as wasted power is prevented. 

Limit Power Board Connections

Electrical powerboards should not be overused and have too many appliances connected to them. The chance that these items draw out too much electricity for the powerboard to handle can quickly increase. 

Stacking Double Adapters

Using too many double adapters, especially stacking them on top of each other, is extremely dangerous. These adapters are not designed to handle too much electrical power. By using too many or stacking them it can lead to an overloaded circuit. 

Move Away from Water

Water and electricity do not mix together which is why handling electrical equipment and appliances away from water is necessary. Even having wet hands and using electrical appliances is extremely dangerous. Ensure that the area is dry, no water is present and hands are dry when using electrical equipment. 

Proper Ventilation

For appliances which generate heat, it is vital that there is enough ventilation around them. This will help allow the item to disperse the heat safely and prevent surfaces around them from becoming hot. 

Safety Electrical Inspections

Performing at home electrical safety inspections regularly will help detect dangers with the electrical system early. Looking at each light switch, outlet, power point, plug, cord and appliance for damage will be extremely beneficial. A licensed electrician should also perform regular inspections where they will inspect all types of systems. 

Qualified Electricians

It is important to contact a licensed electrician when electrical work needs to be completed. From simple tasks, such as installing smoke alarms, to working on the circuit breaker or power lines, the professional will ensure everything is safely completed. Untrained people undergoing electrical tasks can be both illegal and extremely unsafe which is why fully qualified electricians are needed.

Professional Emergency Electrical Services

The Local Electrician is here to help any person with electrical emergencies and help with home electrical safety. Our electricians will ensure that any electrical dilemma is resolved efficiently and that the home is safe from electrical hazards. We arrive on time and will operate skilfully, preventing dangerous electrical situations from developing.

We work across all of Sydney to help with home electrical safety, including the Northern Beaches, Hills District and South Sydney. Our Level 2 Electrician team is here to also help perform more advanced work in all types of locations.


For trusted electricians to work any time with home electrical safety – contact The Local Electrician now on 0439 823 190!

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