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Understanding Power Outages: When To Call a Level 2 Electrician

Understanding Power Outages: When To Call a Level 2 Electrician

Power outages, also known as blackouts, can be quite common, often caused by a storm, equipment failure or accidents impacting electrical infrastructures. These temporary electrical power losses can disrupt your daily activities and may leave you wondering when to call in a professional. 

This article will help you understand power outages and determine when to contact a level 2 electrician for assistance. So, keep reading!

What Is a Level 2 Electrician and When Do You Need One?

Level 2 electricians are qualified professionals with expertise in handling complex electrical problems involving private power poles, service wires and cables. In certain situations, like after a storm or a flood causing widespread power outages, it’s essential to seek assistance from these experts.

L2 Electrician Responsibilities
  • Safe handling of live electric wires
  • Designing, repairing and maintaining cabling systems
  • Checking overhead service conductors and underground service conductors
  • Designing underground electricity networks
  • Designing overhead electricity networks
  • Designing and installing commercial electrical systems
  • Private power pole installation/repairs/maintenance
  • Performing electrical connections and disconnections
  • Handling electrical defect notification
  • Ensuring overall electrical safety of a building or an area
  • Connecting properties to the power grid
  • Electricity cable maintenance services
  • Temporary supply of energy
  • Installing single-phase and three-phase power supplies

Common Causes of Power Outages

In this section, you will better understand the factors that lead to power outages. Through this, you’ll know when to call a level 2 electrical contractor in Sydney or surrounding areas to perform electrical work. 

Natural Calamities Destroying Service Lines and Electrical Wires

Severe weather is responsible for many power outages in Australia, with storms, lightning strikes and high winds often damaging electrical equipment and causing disruptions. High winds can topple power lines and trees, while lightning strikes can lead to momentary power losses or damage to transformers and substations.

As these events may damage overhead service lines and other components of the electrical network, residential and commercial properties may require the expertise of a level 2 electrician to address any damages or undertake necessary repairs to electrical service lines and other equipment.

Failure in Equipment and Electrical Wiring Infrastructure

Occasionally, equipment and infrastructure within the electricity supply network may fail, causing disruptions to the power supply. Examples include failures or malfunctions in transformers, service protection devices and underground service lines.

A level 2 electrician in Sydney may be needed to address these issues, particularly if they involve accredited service provider work such as attending to electrical defect notices, repairing private power poles and ensuring the safety of electrical installations.

Electrical Installation Errors

Human error also plays a role in power outages, with incidents such as car accidents involving power lines or digging that inadvertently damages underground cable systems. Construction work on residential or commercial properties may also require a temporary disconnection of electrical services.

In cases where an electrical defect notice has been issued, it is crucial to contact a level 2 electrician to ensure compliance with the Electricity Supply Act, undertake necessary repairs and safely re-establish the connections.

a tree fallen on a power pole cable

When To Call a Level 2 Electrician

After navigating through the potential causes and appropriate responses during power outages, let us now understand the situations that warrant the involvement of a level 2 ASP (authorised service provider). Knowing when to call ASP electricians ensures safe and swift restoration of your electrical service.

Severe Outages in Residential and Commercial Properties

In situations with a severe power outage in your residential or commercial property, a level two electrician can greatly help. They are knowledgeable in handling complex electrical jobs like those involving underground service lines, electricity network repairs and other electrical services that may not be within the capabilities of a regular electrician. 

Level 2 electrical contractors are skilled in performing electrical connections and ensuring the safety of your electrical system by working with Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid.

Complex Electrical Work Beyond DIY Troubleshooting

As a property owner, you may regularly deal with minor electrical issues, but when situations go beyond basic DIY troubleshooting, it’s time to call a level 2 electrician. They are specially geared to deal with more technical electrical work, such as loose connection boxes, meter box repairs, or other electrical defects that may warrant an electrical defect notice. 

Live wires are life-threatening when handled by laypeople, so never handle complex electrical tasks like these yourself.

Inspection and Assessment of an Electricity Network

A level 2 electrician in Sydney is an accredited service provider qualified to inspect and assess your property’s electricity network. This may involve checking underground and overhead service lines, service protection devices and other key parts of your electrical supply network. 

They can perform electrical works, such as consumer main upgrades, switchboard upgrades or addressing issues related to your private power poles in compliance with the Electricity Supply Act.

Overhead and Underground Service Lines (Repairs and Maintenance)

Proper maintenance of overhead and underground service lines is crucial to ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical supply. A level 2 electrical contractor can perform repairs and maintenance on your property’s service lines, service equipment and network service equipment. 

Moreover, they can design overhead and underground electricity networks and handle tasks like installing private power poles, electrical connections and temporary building supply.

two electricians talking to each other while on an aerial lift of a truck

The Local Electrician: Level 2 Electrician (Sydney-based)

Understanding power outages and knowing when to call a level 2 electrician is essential to ensure your safety and quickly restore the electricity supply in your home and area. Power disruptions caused by weather-related factors, equipment failures or human error can be disruptive and potentially dangerous. Level 2 electricians, with their specialised skills and expertise, play a crucial role in addressing these issues.

When handling complex electrical needs in Sydney, you want a reliable and professional level 2 electrician. With a team composed of accredited service providers, we at The Local Electrician offer a wide range of level 2 electrical services to fit the needs of both residential and commercial properties.

Our level 2 electricians can work on the electricity network’s underground and overhead service lines. This includes performing electrical connections, maintaining power lines and designing underground and overhead electricity networks. 

So, whether you need assistance with your private power poles or electrical supply network, or you simply need an emergency electrician, The Local Electrician has you covered.

Call us anytime for emergency or L2 electrician services. We’ll respond 24/7!

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