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Upgrading & Using Smart Meters – What You Need To Know!

Smart meters are new types of electricity meters that more accurately measure the electricity usage of a home. They are encouraged to be installed and replace traditional meters due to saving money because of the more accurate readings. An electrician will remove the old meter and install the new smart meter and if needed change the location of the meter. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is able to work on all types of electricity meter services, including those with smart models. 

Electricity smart meters record the electricity usage every half an hour accurately and send the information to the electricity retailer. Compared to traditional meters that provide an approximate reading, smart meters often lower the electricity bill because of the more accurate readings. To replace the current meter with a smart one contacting the retailer and organising an electrician is needed. 

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What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is an electricity meter where it reads a property’s electricity usage. This information is sent back to the electricity retailer for them to know how much to charge the property for their electricity usage. A smart meter differs from a traditional meter because traditional only records the total electricity usage and is at times not as accurate. Smart electricity meters record the electricity usage every half an hour to then send the recordings to the retailer without them needing to manually come to the property to read them. 

What are the Advantages of Installing a Smart Meter?

Most electricity retailers are phasing out traditional meters with smart ones due to smart readers making it easier for retailers and customers. Below are the main advantages of installing smart electricity meters and replacing the old traditional and manual reading ones:

Lower Fees and Charges

With the smart electricity meters sending the readings digitally and more accurately this means that a meter reader needs to be hired to manually read the reader. This cost of meter reading charges is removed with the smart electricity meter and along with the more accurate readings there is an overall lower fee with the retailer. 

More Accurate Readings

Estimation is not included with smart meters as they accurately record the amount of electricity used. This means that being charged accurately will occur and accessing the electricity usage data is also able to be done with these meters. Reading the meter also means that saving money on electricity is easier because you can see what system is being used the most. Another benefit with smart electricity meters is that when a power outage occurs it will recognise this and alert the retailer. 

Flexible Billing Options

Traditional electricity meters are often read every three months whereas smart meters can have the billing period at different times.

Solar Energy

When wanting to install solar panels a smart meter is required but this will be beneficial when the traditional meter is replaced.

How Do I Get a Smart Meter Installed?

The main process of having a smart electricity meter installed is to contact the electricity retailer. They will provide information about whether or not the meter can be installed and if they offer upgrade services. Changes to the contract, billing times and overall pricing will be discussed as well. The electricity retailer will alert who will install the meter, what date and time and say when the electricity will be disconnected for the service. At times they will not provide labour for the upgrade service which is where an electrician will need to be organised to perform the service. 

How is a Smart Electricity Meter Installed?

When the smart meter is being installed it is important that the meter upgrade technician can have easy access to the meter. This might mean unlocking the gate or having the building manager give access to the electrician if the meter is not at the front of the property. The electricity to the property will be turned off 30 minutes before the service begins for safety reasons. The old meter will be removed and the new meter will be installed, tested and inspected while a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work will be issued. 

Can I Install a Smart Meter in an Apartment Complex?

Smart electricity meters can be installed in apartments and townhouses. The retailer needs to be contacted so they can have someone inspect the meter board to ensure it can be installed. Alerting the property owner about the upgrade is also important to alert other residents of the service, especially because during the upgrade the power will be out. 

Reliable Smart Electricity Meters Sydney

The Local Electrician is here with fully qualified electricians to perform work on smart meters. Our team are able to install, repair, relocate and upgrade electricity meters, including the smart electricity meters, on any property. We make sure that the whole smart electricity meter service is performed safely, efficiently and also completed on time.

Our smart meter services are here for all of Sydney, including South Western Sydney, South Sydney and Hills District. We also offer trusted Level 2 Electrician services where we will carry out more difficult and advanced work.


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