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What Are Data Points & Wall Plates?

Data points and wall plates are common within homes to help with joining data connections with each other. This can be used for the wifi network to media devices, where the data points extend and connect these connections. The wall plates are what cover the electrical wires and cables of the data point socket. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here to perform data point and wall plate installations across Sydney. 

Installing data points in places is to extend the connection of wireless internet networks to join with another point. Wall plates are what cover the electrical wires of the data point and are mounted onto a wall. A qualified electrician will connect the data points together while correctly installing the wall plates.

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What are Data Points?

Data points are commonly used to connect devices and appliances with a direct connection to the wifi network. If the wireless system is not as efficient in the building then connecting the system to the network through a wire is favoured. A data point extends the connection of the network from the router or modem to the device for it to be more effective. 

What are Some Uses of Data Points?

The main uses of data points to directly connect the wifi with a device are with:

  • Computers and raptors
  • Printers and those which have wifi connections
  • Home security and CCTV cameras
  • NBN and also ADSL data connection points
  • Consoles for a better connection online
  • Home theatre rooms 
  • TV and other media devices
  • Smart wiring hubs

How are Data Points Installed?

A fully qualified electrician will be the person who undergoes the data point installation. They will follow the Australian cabling standards regarding wires and networks. Building or renovating a home is the best time to install data points but they can be installed at any time. Data points also can help reduce the amount of wires presents and also strengthen the network connection. 

For more information on data cabling installation, we highly recommended reading our blog with more detailed explanations.

What are Wall Plates?

A wall plate is what will cover up the electrical wires and cabling or electrical systems. This can be applied for data points where the plate will cover the wires from exposure to people. They also work as an entrance for wires and cables to enter the wall safely. 

Wall plates come in different designs to connect different cables together and are extremely versatile. Wires do not need to be present in the room and can easily be stored behind the wall and the wall plate. 

What are Different Types of Wall Plates?

There are many different wall plates that can be installed for specific wiring and cabling systems. The more common wall pates are:

  • Data wall plates – these wall plates are used to connect systems, such as gaming consoles and computers, directly to the network cables. 
  • Electrical wall plates – the more common wall plates are these which provide general coverage to lights and other main electrical points.
  • Cable entrance and exits wall plates – when there are more cables than normal, such as for TVs or where multiple devices are, these are the plates used. They have a larger opening which will still cover the wires but will allow multiple different ones to be easily accessible.
  • Audio and visual wall plates – most commonly used for TVs and other entertainment systems are these wall plates. They offer the exact connection points to the wires needed to connect the devices to the media, network and other systems.

How are Data Points and Wall Plates Installed?

The process of installing data points and wall plates will depend for each unique situation. The location, how difficult the accessibility is and the number of systems installed will impact the process. On average the general installation can cost from $150 to $300 but can be different for many various factors.

Running and Installing the Wires

How long the wires have to run and where will be different for each situation. The process can be a quick 5 minutes or a whole day task if wires need to travel through the whole home or building. Turns and holes drilled are kept to a minimum during the process and the wires are carefully handled and connected.

Installing Wall Plates

Often the process of installing wall plates includes mounting it on the wall directly. If the wall is not strong or sturdy, such as a drywall or plastic wall, then a mounting bracket is used. The hole is cut into the wall correctly where the data point wires can be easily accessed. An in-wall mounting box might also be installed to provide a stable in-wall enclosure.

If the surface of the all is hard to drill in, such as bricks or concrete, a surface mounted box will be needed, keystone surface boxes might be an option if the data point cable connections need to be hidden. 

Connecting the Wires

The wires are properly connected to the wall plate to attach directly and easily. The wires are designed to also be screwed onto the plate in order for them to stay in place. Other types will simply have the wire snap into a specific spot on the plate. 

Testing the wires is always performed in order to guarantee that the process is successful. To see that the points and wall plates have been perfectly installed inspecting them is also completed. 

Data Points and Wall Plates Services

The Local Electrician is here for all of Sydney when needing services with data points and wall plates. Our certified electricians can work at any time to repair, install or perform maintenance work on the wall plates or data points.

Our services with these systems are offered to all of Sydney, which includes Greater Western Sydney, the Hills District and the Eastern Suburbs. We also offer reliable Level 2 Electrician services where our expert team will undergo more complicated work.


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