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What Are Electricity Easements?

Electricity easements allow Ausgrid and other electricity network distributors to enter private property to access electrical equipment. The works will perform repairs and maintenance on electricity infrastructure located on the private property belonging to the electricity companies. Here at The Local Electrician, we offer Level 2 Electrician workers who are here to perform advanced electrical level 2 work in private properties.

Electricity easements are when an electricity network distributor has the right to enter private property for electrical reasons. This includes repairs and maintenance of power lines and substations in these areas. These easements are important as they allow safe operation for electricians and for any issues to be addressed at any time.

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What is an Electricity Easement?

An electricity easement is where electricity distributor networks have the right to control, work on and use land that is located near overhead and underground service lines and substations. These easements on your property allow their workers to safely operate at any time of the day when needed. Easements are also present for water, sewage, telephone lines and natural gas lines for other companies as well.

Why are Electricity Easements Needed?

Electricity easements are important because it allows the electrical distributor companies to work on the electrical systems at any time. This means that if repairs or maintenance work is needed that the systems can be fixed and potential dangers resolved. 

People who live or work on private property will be safer as the company can perform work and resolve any issues. For example, if there are fallen power lines and they belong to them the electrical distributor company can arrive and fix the electrical hazard as soon as possible.

How Do I Know if There are Electricity Easements on My Property?

If moving into a new home and not knowing if electricity easements are present, the best way is to directly contact the local electricity distributor. They will provide details on if there are easements on the property and whereabouts. Contacting the electrical distributor by calling or writing to them is the best way to know if the property has electrical easements on it.

What Does it Mean if There are Electricity Easements on My Property?

When there is an electrical easement on your property it means that the certain land or area the easement covers will restrict certain tasks. From what trees can be planted, what can be built and what activities can be performed on the easement are some influences of it. 

There are certain responsibilities property owners have when it comes to electricity easements. Ensuring the area is unobstructed and clear for at least 4.5 metres for workers to operate on the area is important. There should also be no obstructions within 5 metres of the power pole, lines and equipment or 10 metres of a steel power structure.

What Can I Do On Electricity Easements?

What a person can do on electricity easements are:

  • Plant trees, plants and vegetation that will be clear of vehicle access and does not grow above 4 metres
  • Park vehicles on them but not any that is above 4 metres
  • Install clotheslines, barbeques and other equipment that does not exceed 2.5 metres in height and metal items will need to be earthed
  • Operating mobile plants and equipment, which includes cranes, tractors and farm vehicles but they cannot be more than 4 metres in height
  • Store materials and items but they should not be able to burn or e more than 4 metres in height
  • Perform farming and agricultural activities, such as grazing, but will need to be careful around the electricity network distributors equipment

What Can I Not Do On Electricity Easements?

What a person cannot do on electricity easements are:

  • Build or construct homes, garages, sheds and any other large structures
  • Install any fixed plants or equipment
  • Store any liquids, including diesel fuel, petrol or any other flammable liquids and material
  • Store explosives, fallen timber or garbage
  • Plant any vegetation, trees and plants that will grow beyond 4 metres tall
  • Place obstructions within 5 metres of a power pole, support wire or equipment
  • Put obstructions within 10 metres of any electrical steel structures
  • Fly kites or model aircraft near the area
  • Install fence posts or stakes in the places where underground cabling is present.

Trusted Level 2 Electricians for Sydney

The Local Electrician is here with level 2 electricians to perform work outside of electricity easements. When power poles, lines and other advanced electrical systems are within private property but not in easements then a level 2 electrician will need to be contacted to perform tasks. Our team will perform repairs, installations and maintenance work on the electrical systems inside of any place or suburb.

We work from the Northern Beaches to South Western Sydney for any person needing professional level 2 asp help. We also offer Emergency Electrician workers where we can carry out any simple to advanced electrical job at any time.


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