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What Are Rising Electrical Mains?

Rising electrical mains are a type of electrical main which distributes power and electricity within multi-storey commercial buildings. This can include hospitals, car parks, apartments and more, which the electric power needs to go across multiple levels. Here at The Local Electrician, our electricians are here to help connect buildings power through rising electrical mains. 

The electrical main of commercial buildings is called a rising electrical main and is what provides electricity to each level. An electrical distribution board will deliver the electricity to each storey and separate electricity meters can be installed per level. The electrical wiring often runs through ground wires and ultimately run up the entire vertical length of the building. 

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The Nature of Rising Mains

Rising electrical mains are installed within commercial buildings where they can be installed as standard. The commercial electricians working on the job are trained to work at different heights with more complicated systems. As commercial buildings need power throughout the building, the electrical main needs to be installed properly. This also includes installing the system in each level and at each point. 

The electrical distribution in commercial buildings is extremely important to ensure that each level and part has electrical power. Installing the electrical main system will depend on if each floor or section of the building wants its own electricity meter or a shared one. 

The rising electrical main is often referred to as the vertical supply system as it provides power to each level. Then, a system called the horizontal supply system is what will provide the electricity throughout each floor.

Rising Electrical Mains Installation

There are multiple components within an electrical main installation, especially for commercial buildings. There are many standards to follow and the overall process needs to be completed safely. Here is a list describing some general procedures and components within a rising electrical main installation:

  • All installations will need to follow specific standards, such as ‘Service and Installation Rules of New South Wales’. Along with these standards and many more, the whole installation is performed under legal procedures and with no faults present
  • Commercial buildings with more than four storeys will need a 3-phase electrical wiring system. This means for buildings with fewer floors only need a single phase electrical wiring system
  • There needs to be grounding equipment used throughout the whole installation process. This is to protect people and other systems from electrical issues, such as severe shocks. Isolation materials and tools will also be applied for even more protection

Electrical Rising Mains Installed Correctly

It is important that the whole process is performed correctly to keep everyone safe and the system works perfectly. 

  • Where the electrical power of the installation of the rising main is taken from a circuit breaker or main switch is needed. Either from underground or transformers, a low voltage circuit is used
  • For commercial buildings where there are multiple different rooms, such as apartments or hospitals, separate earthing conductors will be installed. Each unit is given its own earthing system, along with an overall earth connection for each floor
  • The mains will be the same size as the current riser switches where the main circuit is located. Also, the local riser switch will be provided where the riser switch is located
  • RCD switches will need to be installed and connected at various points
  • Earthing systems will need to be connected and installed as well throughout the electrical main

Commercial Electrical Mains Connected Professionally

To prevent dangerous situations, such as short circuits, rules need to be followed and all systems connected safely. A certified electrician is trained to work on electrical mains and understands all the safety rules to follow. 

  • The neutral conductor in the system has to be smaller than a phase conductor 
  • Consumer mains and circuit breakers are installed and connected to the system
  • A linked circuit breaker or switch will be provided when a 3-phase system needs to be disconnected
  • Single-phase systems supplying power to the commercial building will have a double-pole type neutral and live conductors
  • All electrical meters are installed professionally throughout the building and rising main. When there are multiple meters to be installed, each will correctly read and connect to each section of the building

Rising Electrical Mains Issues

The rising electrical main of a building might experience some issues or problems at times. A licensed electrician should always be the person who repairs the dilemma with professional techniques. An issue could range from cables becoming damaged from weather conditions to wires poorly connecting. Old wires might need replacing or the grounding system could be faulty. 

There are many issues which a rising electrical main system might experience so regular maintenance and inspections are important. This is where a licensed electrician will look over the whole system and perform tests. Also inspecting all parts, the electrical main of the building is properly looked at. With this, the system is unlikely to experience issues as an electrician has stated that the system works perfectly. If there need to be repairs done then the electrician will notify and perform the tasks.

Reliable Rising Electrical Main Service

Here at The Local Electrician our Emergency Electrician team are here to help people with rising electrical main concerns. From repairs to installations, our team understand how to properly operate with the commercial wiring system. Each fully qualified electrician ensures to have all sections connected to power properly and installed correctly. When repairing, our electricians quickly identify the issue with the electrical main and use the best techniques to resolve it.

We can work on rising electrical mains across all of Sydney, including Greater Western Sydney, Hills District and Inner West. also, we offer professional Level 2 Electrician services which all Sydney residents can rely on.


For reliable rising electrical main services in Sydney – contact The Local Electrician now on 0439 823 190. Our electricians are qualified to work in all commercial areas and are guaranteed to work at their best. Arriving on time, all rising electrical mains will be worked on professionally no matter where in Sydney we work.

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