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What Are The Causes Of Low Voltage In My House?

There are many different causes of low voltage that happen in the home. These issues are often due to voltage fluctuations and the system being overloaded leading to spikes and surges. An electrician is the best person to rely on to inspect why the home is experiencing lower levels of voltage and then to repair the problem. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is ready to help repair any electrical issues that are resulting in low voltage levels in Sydney homes.

The main causes of low voltage in the house are voltage fluctuations, spikes and power surges, often caused by:

  • Electrical overloading
  • Distance of home from the main power source
  • Power disruption imbalances in the wires
  • Poor wiring condition
  • External factors such as fallen power lines
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What Causes Low Voltage?

Low voltage means that appliances and systems will not run as effectively and efficiently. A 90% reduction in the current of electrical systems compared to the normal level is what low voltage is. The main reasons why the voltage lowers is due to electrical faults and issues as well as other external factors. Below are the common situations that result in the voltage of an electrical system being lowered:

Electrical overloading

Electrical overloading is when the electrical system is overworked and there is too much electricity flowing within them. If there are too many appliances drawing out power then the system will not be able to handle this leading to voltage levels being lowered. If there are electrical faults or if appliances have a higher amp level then these can also result in electrical overloading and a decreased voltage level. 


When electricity has to travel long distances it will mean that the voltage is lower compared to if it was closer. This means that is electricity has to travel a long way then this may be why it is weaker than in other areas of the home. If the main electrical cables to the home take some time to reach the home, such as in rural areas, then this can also influence the voltage levels.

Power disruption imbalances in the wires

Wires that come from the electrical transformer into the home might have power distribution issues which leads to lower voltages. The three wires share the load demand equally but at times the load can become uneven. When this happens, such as from a defect in one wire, the load is overall unbalanced, leading to one wire having more electricity within it therefore over works. This power distribution imbalance in the wires will mean that the voltage is weaker in some areas.

Wire condition

The wires and cables of the home can be the reason why the voltage is so low. When the wires are older this means that they are built to meet the electrical needs of that time rather than today. Alongside how the wires are made, older wiring at times cannot handle today’s electrical needs, causing it to struggle. If the wires are dirty or broken or if the insulation is weak or has been damaged then these issues can also cause there is be voltage levels lowered. 


External factors can mean that the power level of the home is lowered or not available. Some of these disruptions include lightning, fallen power lines and electrical distributor errors which can lead to the home’s voltage being lowered. When these issues occur contacting the right source is important to ensure that the diminishing voltage can be resolved. If a tree has fallen on the private power pole and line contact our Level 2 Electrician services where we will arrive to safely and professionally repair the issue.

Professional Sydney Electricians Here to Resolve Low Voltage Issues

The Local Electrician is the place to rely on whenever you are experiencing low voltage anywhere in the home. Low voltage means your appliances are working slower or less effectively, the lights are flickering and many other instances where the electrical system is not working as efficiently. Our fully qualified team are quick to arrive, find out exactly what is causing the voltage problem then utilise the best techniques to fix the issue fast.

We promise that with over 25 years of experience behind us that we know how to find the voltage level disrupt source and the best way to resolve it. Our electricians operate skilfully throughout the whole service, here for all of Sydney, including South Sydney and North Shore.


Contact The Local Electrician for low voltage level repairs and all other electrical services!

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