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What Are The Common Electrical Code Violations?

Common electrical code violations are often not intended but can lead to serious electrical safety issues. From installing the wrong circuit breaker to performing at home jobs, certain electrical work should only be done by a qualified electrician. Ensuring electrical systems meet code requirements is important to reduce the risk of electrical shock and prevent fire hazards. The Local Electrician is here with Level 2 Electrician workers to perform professional electrical work and ensure everything aligns with standards. 

The common electrical code violations within peoples homes are:

  • Installing the wrong circuit breaker or none at all
  • Electrical switches have no neutral wires
  • Not childproofing electrical outlets or tamper resistant receptacles
  • Not installing enough powerpoints
  • Leaving outdoor electrical outlets exposed and not covered
  • Not installing ground fault circuit interrupters
  • Not upgrading the electrical wiring system
  • Incorrectly configuring electrical panels
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What are Common Electrical Code Violations and How to Resolve Them?

Electrical code violations often occur when people perform electrical work themselves or neglect to repair, inspect or upgrade certain electrical components of the home. When these electrical code violations are present an electrical defect notice will most times be given out. A level 2 electrician will need to perform electrical repairs to make sure the notice can be addressed and potential electrical dangers are avoided.

Electrical code violation What is the violation? What to do about the violation?
Installing the wrong circuit breaker or none at all Circuit breakers are important as they will trip, cutting off the electrical supply to a circuit and preventing electrical surges from ruining the circuit. When the wrong circuit breaker or none are installed in the home it violates regulation but also puts the home at risk of electrical shocks.  Have an electrician inspect the current circuit breakers to determine if they are working and right for the home or if the wrong ones are present and need replacing or if circuit breakers need to be installed. 
Electrical switches have no neutral wires Electrical light switches will need a neutral wire and if they do not then this violates code. The neutral wire is needed to complete the 120-volt AC circuit and for safety reasons.  Ensure an electrician looks over each light switch and its wiring. If a neutral wire needs to be installed make certain the job is organised to ensure the lights work safely and properly. 
Not childproofing electrical outlets or tamper resistant receptacles Not installing childproofing outlets can violate codes as children will be at risk of being electric shocked.  Specific outlets or add-ons will ensure if a child inserts something into the outlet they will not be shocked. Having an electrician install these outlets or installing the add-ons will be important. 
Not installing enough powerpoints Electrical overloading can easily occur if too many appliances are plugged into extensions and double adapters into one outlet. If not enough powerpoints are installed then this can be an electrical hazard which causes it to violate code.  Organise an electrician to install more power points around the home to prevent electrical overloading from occurring. 
Leaving outdoor electrical outlets exposed and not covered When outdoor electrical outlets are not shuttered then this will violate code and can be a serious safety hazard.  To ensure the outdoor receptacles are protected from the weather an electrical engineer will need to ensure that they are shuttered. 
Not installing ground fault circuit interrupters Ground fault circuit interrupters are needed for earthing powerpoints. They are especially important for outdoor, bathroom and kitchen outlets otherwise they violate code.  Ensuring electrical surges can be diverted away from shocking people, these ground fault circuit interrupters need to be installed.
Not upgrading the electrical wiring system Outdated wiring poses a high risk of wires burning, sparking and failing. This is because of the different types of cabling used and that it will not handle the electrical needs of today. Organise an electrician to upgrade the electrical cabling system of the home to protect people and appliances from faults with the old wiring. 
Incorrectly configuring electrical panels If a person incorrectly configured or repairs an electrical service panel this violates code and can be a serious safety hazard.  Make sure that if there is an issue with the service panel that an electrician repairs the issue.

Reliable Level 2 Electrician Resolving Defects

Here at The Local Electrician, our level 2 electricians will resolve any issues that cause electrical code violations. Each fully qualified electrician understands electrical code violations and will know how to have electrical systems align with them.

We offer Emergency Electrician workers to resolve these defects and concerns to all of Sydney, including Northern Beaches and Hills District.


When needing an electrician to repair issues and resolve defect notices – trust The Local Electrician!

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