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What Are The Different Electrical Repairs & Services?

The different electrical repairs and services electricians offer will depend on their licensing and where they work. If they are a regular or specific ASP electrician can determine what jobs they can perform. If the electrician works in residential, commercial or industrial areas this can also influence the different work they perform. Here at The Local Electrician, our electricians are licensed to perform a variety of different electrical repairs and services for Sydney. 

The different electrical repairs and services electricians perform include working on:

  • Lights
  • Cabling systems, including data, phone and general
  • Safety systems, such as the switchboard, circuit breakers and safety switches
  • Power points and outlets
  • Electric hot water systems
  • Car chargers
  • Inspections
  • Power poles and lines
  • Machinery, equipment and appliances
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What are the Different Electrical Repairs and Services Electricians Perform?

There are different types of electricians but overall qualified electricians perform numerous different tasks and depend on where they work will influence what services are usually performed. Electricians go through proper training, learn all the needed skills through completing electrician apprenticeships and gain a license to perform electrical work. Some electricians specialise in more advanced work, such as level 2 ASP electricians, while others work in specific places, such as in commercial areas. Below is a guide on the different electrical repairs and services electricians perform when working in specific areas:

Residential Services

Residential or domestic electricians are what most people contact when needing electrical services. They work in homes and residential settings on most electrical systems and equipment. The main types of repairs and services residential electricians carry out are:

  • Light installations, repairs and maintenance, including working with LEDs, security lighting or outdoor lighting
  • Inspecting and working on the electrical switchboard and meter box, including the systems inside such as the safety switches and circuit breaker
  • Operating on the electric systems of the home, for example the hot water system, car charger and entertainment units
  • Connecting and repairing the connection lines, including the data cabling, telephone cabling and general wiring of the home
  • Performing electrical safety inspection throughout the property on all electrical appliances and systems
  • Repairing any issues with all types of the electrical component around the home, such as burnt out powerpoint, broken wiring or tripped circuits

Commercial Services

A commercial electrician performs the same tasks as residential electricians but works more in shops, businesses, warehouses and offices. Since commercial spaces are not usually places where people live commercial electricians perform tasks that ensure people can safely work within these areas. Commercial electricians will perform residential electrical work but also:

  • Provide advice on what needs upgrading, repairing or changing within the electrical commercial area
  • Carry out routine and scheduled maintenance on the building ensuring everything is safely operating
  • Plan and install the electrical systems and wiring of the commercial spaces and evaluate their safety hazard and overall effectiveness ratings
  • Ensure all the cabling, since there is more reliance on phone, data and electrical cabling, is in perfect working order
  • Resolving any electrical damages or issues in the building or space, such as flickering lights or data cabling defects

Industrial Services

Electricians who work in industrial services and provide electrical services are industrial electricians. The work, repair and maintenance services that are carried out are targeted toward the industrial electrical systems and equipment. Since industrial sites are larger and contain larger equipment, such as mining sites, manufacturing buildings and construction sites, the electricians have to be trained differently to provide the correct electrical services, some including:

  • Finding potential or current issues with the electrical systems involved in the industrial site
  • Installing any new systems or equipment in the area, such as robotics
  • Carrying out regular maintenance in the industrial site to guarantee people are working in a safe place
  • Repairing any of the systems that have been damaged, such as the machinery or electrical systems involved in the projects

Level 2 Electrician Services

A Level 2 Electrician is an electrician who has completed additional training to perform more advanced and risky work. The jobs a level 2 electrician can perform cannot be done by regular electricians who do not have the level 2 asp certification. The main roles of a level 2 electrician and the services the provide are:

  • Installing, repairing and inspecting power poles, especially private power poles, on properties for both timber and steel poles
  • Installing or correcting overhead or underground cabling inside properties
  • Working with point of attachments and consumer mains of a property
  • Repairing any defects that have been listed on an electrical defect notice

We encourage reading our blog ‘level 2 electrician areas of expertise’ to understand more about how they are different from regular electricians.

Emergency Electrician Services

An Emergency Electrician is an electrician who specialises in working at any time of the day and correcting any electrical emergencies. The services included are like that of a regular electrician but the main difference is that emergency electricians are available 24 hours a day to work. This means that when a problem, such as the power has gone out, has occurred after work hours of regular electricians the 24 hour electrician can be called out to resolve the problem.

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