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What Are The Different Types Of Electricians?

When a homeowner needs to fix a phone line, they call a qualified electrician to do the job. Businesses that need to upgrade their supply cables also need fully qualified experts to provide the best resolution. Like in medicine, where there’s an expert who has spent years specialising in a particular issue. The same goes for electrical troubles. An electrician has taken time to learn and pick up experience to provide solutions to common electrical emergencies. This knowledge and experience picked up by electricians help them attend to any electrical troubles affecting residential and commercial buildings.

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Classification of Electricians in NSW

In New South Wales, electricians are grouped according to their qualifications. These qualifications prepare them to handle and legally allow them to work on certain electrical issues and installations. It also allows them to expand the services they offer their customers. The following are some qualifications of electricians across NSW:

Emergency Electricians (24/7)

Electrical troubles happen 24/7, 365 days a year. When homeowners and businesses need professional help, these emergency electricians are who they turn to. These professionals have undergone training to handle all issues experienced at home and in commercial spaces. They can help with fixing light switch issues, defective electric hot water systems and surge protector installations. With their round the clock availability, they can be in any house or commercial building within minutes.

Commercial Electricians 

Commercial spaces follow a unique set of policies governing their electrical wiring systems. When businesses need electrical installations or repairs, they turn to commercial electricians to do the job. These experts can plan, install, repair and diagram electrical systems in commercial buildings so that each component works as intended and as safely as possible. A commercial electrician can also do the following:

  • Give recommendations on the current state of the commercial space’s electrical wiring system;
  • Do routine maintenance on the building’s electrical wiring system;
  • Evaluate and plan the commercial space’s electrical system to reduce chances of experiencing electrical hazards; and
  • Help business owners with their concerns over the commercial space’s electrical system.

Level 2 Electricians (Level 2 ASP Qualification)

Fixing private power poles, electrical switchboards, and overhead cables need the expertise of a level 2 electrician. These electricians underwent accreditation by the state’s Accredited Service Provider Scheme. This program pools in qualified Level 2 ASP professionals so that locals can have a network they can tap into when in need of a level two electrician. An accredited professional under this program can do contestable work on the NSW electrical distribution network. Installing a service line connecting the house or commercial building to the street pole is one work that requires a level 2 electrician. A professional with this qualification can also help homeowners and businesses with the following:

  • Upgrade electrical switchboards to 3 Phase Switchboards;
  • Repair UV-damaged cables;
  • Install, repair and upgrade consumer mains;
  • Repair Point of Attachment defects;
  • Install and repair private power poles; and
  • Electrical safety inspections.

Level 1 & 3 Electricians

Apart from level 2 electricians, the ASP scheme also offers other qualifications for electricians. The level 1 electrician qualification allows accredited electricians to work on the electrical distribution network, including underground and overhead power cabling systems. He can also attend to the following:

  • Do line work, including live cabling networks except for live high-voltage networks.
  • Install electrical poles and dig new underground cable trenches.
  • Build electricity distribution substations.
  • Do construction work, including installation of plants and equipment.

Those with level 3 qualifications are allowed to plan and design electrical distribution. A level 3 cannot install, connect, disconnect or repair these networks.

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At The Local Electrician, our team members can help with any issues experienced in homes and businesses. We have level 2 electricians, commercial electricians and urgent electricians. All have undergone the necessary Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician course, received a certificate of Proficiency as an Electrician and gained real-world work experience through an apprenticeship.

They also went through the accreditation process overseen by the NSW Accredited Service Provider (ASP) program. With these qualifications and experience, we are confident that each of our electricians can help with any issues affecting homes or commercial spaces. Whether a property owner needs an expert to repair an electrical switchboard, hot water system or a phone line, they can trust our electricians to have the necessary qualification to do the job.


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