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What Areas Do Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy & Essential Energy Cover?

The main three NSW electrical distributor companies’ areas cover certain parts of New South Wales. Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy work in different parts of the state and within their respective electrical network systems. They provide different services for their customers in the area but also will not work on specific jobs where instead people will need to hire their own electrician. Here at The Local Electrician, we offer Level 2 Electrician workers for us to work on jobs that the electrical distributor companies will not perform in Sydney. 

The NSW electrical distributor companies’ areas are:

  • Ausgrid – Southern, Eastern and Northern Sydney, as est to the Great Dividing Range and as North to Nelsons Bay.
  • Endeavour Energy – Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains, South Coast and Illawarra. 
  • Essential Energy – Majority of Country NSW, Northern NSW, Southern NSW and North Coast
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What are the Electrical Distributor Companies Areas?

The main three NSW electrical distributor companies’ areas are:


Ausgrid covers mainly Eastern Sydney, which includes the Sutherland Shire, Inner West, South Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, North Shore and Northern Beaches. Other areas around NSW that Ausgrid covers are Gosford, Wyong, Cessnock, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Maitland, Singleton, Muswellbrook and Upper Hunter. 

Endeavour Energy

Endeavour Energy covers Western Sydney, including Greater Western Sydney, South Western Sydney and the Hills District. The Blue Mountains, Illawarra and the south coast are other areas that Endeavour Energy works in. 

Essential Energy

Essential Energy works across the rest of NSW including Northern, Southern and North Coast areas. Wagga Wagga, Port Macquarie, Grafton, Cowra, Byron Bay, Albury, Tamworth, Griffith, Dubbo, Coffs Harbour and Bathurst are some of the areas that Essential Energy looks after.

What are the Electrical Distributor Companies Jobs?

A guide on what the electrical distributor companies do and do not do with electrical work in their area is described below:


What Ausgrid Does What Ausgrid Does Not Do
  • Connect a home, business and buildings to the electricity grid
  • People report power outages in their area to them and they address the problem
  • Resolve any reports based on safety concerns, such as a fallen powerline
  • Approve or deny any requests for people to install solar panels in their place
  • Permit or reject requests of people to relocate network assets, such as power poles belonging to Ausgrid, to undergo work on their property
  • Repair any electrical faults that are located on private property
  • Orgainise electricity meter repairs or upgrades
  • Discuss and provide advice on what solar panels people should install on their property
  • Discuss and provide their advice about people’s questions on changing energy retailers or plans
  • Resolve issues or answer questions about the electricity bill, the electricity retailer needs to be contacted

Endeavour Energy

What Endeavour Energy Does What Endeavour Energy Does Not Do
  • Repairs any blackout or power faults in the area
  • Resolves any electrical safety concerns that have occurred within their area
  • Connect properties to the electricity grid through their systems
  • Approve any requests for people to install solar panels
  • Discuss whether work can be done in people’s properties that involve relocating their own network assets
  • Read, upgrade, repair or relocate meters inside people’s properties
  • Repair damages or issues that are not apart of their systems or networks
  • Offer advice on what solar panels to install
  • Provide their insights into changing energy retailers and electricity plans
  • Answer questions based off people’s electricity bills

Essential Energy

What Essential Energy Does What Essential Energy Does Not Do
  • Resolve any power outages or power supply interruptions in the area
  • Repair problems revolving around electrical safety concerns, including fallen power poles, defected street lights or vegetation hazards to electrical networks
  • Connect a property to the electricity grid
  • Approve whether or not a person can install and use solar panel systems
  • Answer questions about the power bill, any concerns with it or how to pay it
  • Discuss with people on how to change or their recommendations with electricity deals
  • Repair any electrical faults that are not apart of their electrical network
  • Talk about their recommendations about what solar panels to use and smiler advice

Expert Level 2 Electricians for Sydney

The local Electrician is here with reliable and fully qualified level 2 electricians to perform advanced jobs in Sydney that the following electricity distributors require carried out on private properties . We work in the electrical distributor companies’ areas and perform the jobs that they will not perform. This includes installing and repairing private power poles, consumer mains, point of attachment systems and many more services.

We work across all of Sydney and electrical distributor companies’ areas, including Inner West and Greater Western Sydney. Our Emergency Electrician team is here as well to perform any kind of electrical job at any time of the day.


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