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What Does An Industrial Electrician Do?

An industrial electrician specialises in working within industrial environments performing electrical tasks. Working in places such as construction and manufacturing, industrial electrical professionals are qualified electricians trained specifically for industrial properties. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team can operate across Sydney in any industrial property.

An electrical contractor trained as an industrial electrician will work within industrial properties and settings. An industrial electrician’s mains responsibilities are to repair electrical equipment, perform scheduled maintenance tasks and evaluate the industrial electrical system’s condition. Industrial electricians are skilled in critical thinking, troubleshooting and working with more complicated and larger industrial electrical systems correctly.

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Where do Industrial Electricians Mainly Work?

Industrial electricians will work in industrial settings which include:

  • Construction sites
  • Manufacturing areas, such as paper, metal, wood and vehicles
  • Mining sites, not including gas and oil
  • Warehouses and transportation centres

These sites are often larger in size with there being more electrical systems which are more complicated than regular systems. An industrial electrical professional will know how to correctly work within the industrial site and properly complete the needed tasks.

What Jobs will an Industrial Electrician Perform?

An industrial electrician working in this unique electrical environment is trained to complete larger scaled tasks smoothly and efficiently without interfering in the industrial works that are within the property. Working daily in the industrial electrical systems means the electrician must perform the tasks safely. The main types of electrical work which an industrial electrician will undergo in the workplace are:

  • Installations – new electrical equipment is added and installed into the industrial site. Such as helping install robotics in manufacturing, these electricians also always test to see if the installation has been successful. 
  • Troubleshooting – if there are problems in places like factories with electrical equipment industrial electricians find the problem. The reasons why the issue has occurred is identified and why the specific electrical equipment or system is not functioning. This can be from robotic to energy systems within industrial settings. 
  • Repairs – when the issue has been sourced then the industrial electrician is trained to resolve the problem. Proper tools and methods are utilised to ensure that the industrial electrical system is working correctly.
  • Maintenance – scheduled maintenance is needed in industrial buildings to ensure that every person is working in a safe environment. As machinery and electrical equipment are also important in these sites it is needed that they are in top shape. The licensed industrial electrician will know how to inspect each system and identify any defects. 
  • Logs and Records – maintenance tasks are recorded and reports are made with each electrical system. This report allows the managers of the site to determine if replacements or upgrades are needed. It will also allow proof that the systems have been correctly checked due to standards.

How does a Person Become an Industrial Electrical Worker?

A person to be qualified as an industrial electrician will need to undergo an apprenticeship with a training program. This often runs four years where the individual will complete a Certificate III in Engineering – Industrial Electrician (MEM31215). An apprenticeship occurs with this course as they gain the skills in class and in person. 

After the apprenticeship and course have been completed then applying for a professional license is needed. This is through NSW Fair Trading where the trained electrician will be ready to work full time in industrial settings.

For more information on how do I become a licensed electrician our blog is here to provide more details.

What are the Differences Between Commercial and Industrial Electricians?

Industrial and commercial electricians are similar however have trained to handle different jobs in different settings. They are specialised electricians who have the certification to perform specific industrial electrical work in specific building sites that require particular tradesmen. The buildings they work in also have higher voltage systems so they are trained to work with these dangerous systems. 

Electrician  Where they Work What they Specialise in 
Commercial Commercial offices, retail stores, restaurants, apartments, hospitals, hospitality, farms, malls  A more general electrician who works in larger buildings than residential properties. This can include rewiring, repairs, installation and inspection jobs in these commercial properties. 
Industrial  Warehouses, manufactures, power plants, mines, transportation centres, factories, electrical firms Working in larger buildings and electrical systems, performing regular maintenance checks to keep with standards. When new electrical systems are needing to be installed or the current one repaired then the industrial electrician is needed.

Industrial electricians are more skilled at finding errors in the electrical system and perform detailed electrical maintenance tasks. Commercial electricians have the ability to operate within a workforce or building where there are larger numbers of people. Understanding the type of building and what electrician is specialised in will help with knowing which is best suited to perform any electrical work.

Professional Industrial Electricians for Sydney

The Local Electrician is able to provide any person in Sydney with industrial electricians at any time of the day. We have the licensing and experience to operate in industrial settings and complete any needed job. From repairing equipment to undergoing professional maintenance tasks we are here to help.

Each industrial electrician can work in any priority around Sydney, including in South Western Sydney and the Hills District. We also offer Level 2 Electrician workers to perform more advanced work which regular electricians are not trained in.


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