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What Happens If A Surge Protector Is Overloaded?

When a surge protector overloads it means that the device has worked and prevented the electrical appliances connected to it from being damaged by spikes in voltage. It is important to install a surge protector over regular power strips due to the added overload protection. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team will perform surge protection services, including repairs and replacements. 

To know if a surge protector overloads then checking that the red light is out will help. The power strip can still be used but it will not protect the appliances connected from power surges. When the red light is out ensure to replace the old surge protector with a new one.

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What are Surge Protector Devices?

A surge protector is similar to a power strip where it is plugged into a wall outlet and provides additional outlets but also protects electrical appliances for power surges. When electrical equipment is plugged into the outlet surge protector the device monitors for potential voltage spikes. If there is one then the surge protector will limit this rise in voltage by blocking or diverting the surge to ground and protecting the device from electrical overloading

Power Surges and Spikes

Electrical power points constantly provide electricity to appliances when they are plugged into them. A power spike may occur when the voltage randomly increases, often from lightning strikes, power outages or when there are problems with the power company grid. Appliances may also cause a spike if they are old or faulty. 

In any case of a power surge and spike it can damage the appliance and outlet and at times enough that repairs are not possible. This is why surge protectors are important as they will ensure that if a spike occurs that it will not damage electrical equipment.

What To Do When the Surge Protector Overloads?

When the surge protector overloads then often the red light will be out. This means that the surge protection device has been damaged by a severe or large surge. The power strip will still function and provide power to the appliances connected but will not be protecting them from surges. It is important that when the surge protector overloads and the red light goes out that a new one is purchased and replaces the old one.

How Long Do Surge Protectors Last?

Surge protectors will last depending on how often surges occur in the area. They also are rated in joules, such as a 1000 joules surge protector, which measures the amount of energy the device can absorb before it will wear out. Constantly checking to see if the light changes or turns off will help with knowing whether or not the surge protector needs replacing. After large storms is also another good time to check if the surge protectors need replacing or not.

Where are Surge Protectors Good to Install?

Good places to install surge protectors are:

  • Home entertainment unit – where the tv, speakers and other entertainment systems are located are a great place for surge protectors. These devices will be in use frequently and to ensure that they are not damaged from spikes the outlet power protectors are great.
  • Computer – the home computer often includes additional screens, chargers and other devices that need power outlets. Installing a surge protector ensures that they can all fit into one strip but also be protected from surges. 
  • Gaming consoles – surge protectors are also great for gaming consoles, especially if they are connected with computers or other entertainment systems. 
  • General areas – in the living room, lounge room and bedroom where people often use chargers, lamps and other electronic devices are great places to install surge protectors.

Reliable Surge Protector and Emergency Electrical Services

The Local Electrician offers high quality emergency electrical services to help when the surge protector overloads. Our fully qualified electricians have the skills to work with any surge protector, as well as all other safety devices. We provide peace of mind to our customers as they know our team is here at all hours of the day to help resolve any surge protector and other electrical issues.

We will work across all Sydney areas, including North Shore and Eastern Suburbs, on emergency electrical work, which includes when the surge protectors overload. Our Level 2 Electrician team is here as well to carry out more advanced and difficult tasks in any place.


For surge protector services and reliable emergency electricians – contact The local Electrician!

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