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What Is A Level 1 Electrician?

A level 1 electrician is an electrician who has trained to work on underground and overhead cables with the electricity network. They are an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) and licensed to work on electrical distributing networks. Here at The Local Electrician, we are here on how a level one electrician is different and similar to other electrical asp levels and certifications. 

A level 1 electrician is a certified professional who will work in residential and commercial properties with electricity networks. They can connect, install, repair and perform maintenance work on overhead and underground cabling systems. The Supply Authority’s overhead and underground electricity networks which level one electrician work on are located adjacent to the roadways.

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What are the Level 1 Electrical Qualifications?

With the Electricity Supply Act 1995 level 1 electrician can work with electrical distribution networks and underground and overhead power cabling systems. The main tasks which a level one electrician can perform may include:

  • Laying and stringing electricity cables and also work on joining different cables
  • Installing new electricity poles and excavating new underground cable tranches
  • Perform line work, for example working on live cabling networks except for live high voltage ones
  • Working on or building electricity distribution substations
  • Performing construction work which can include the installation of plant and equipment 

The main qualifications which a level one electrician can belong to are:

  • Class 1A – the electrician will be able to work near or on overhead electricity system networks. The types of jobs could include pole installation, street lighting, stringing conductors and tower construction.
  • Class 1B – level one electricians can work on underground systems with this class. Some tasks include trench excavations, cable laying, duct laying, jointing cables and constructing substations. 
  • Class 1C – this class has an electrician work with only Underground Polymeric and work on underground cabling networks.

How Does a Person Train to Become a Level 1 Electrician?

An electrician will need to already have been trained as a basic electrician to further their studies into the level 1 field. Being a licensed electrician will also assist in training to become a level 1 electrician. Below is a guide on the training involved in becoming a level one electrician.

Contestable Works Core Qualifications Additional Units
Class 1A
  • Certificate III in ESI – Power Systems – Distributed Overhead 
  • Testing of connections to low voltage electricity networks
Class 1B
  • Certificate III in ESI – Power Systems – Distribution Cable Jointing
  • Lay ESI electrical cables
  • Install and maintain de-energised LV UG paper insulated cables 
  • Install and maintain de-energised high voltage underground paper insulated cables 
  • Testing of connections to low voltage electricity networks
Class 1C
  • Certificate III in ESI – Power Systems – Distribution Cable Jointing
  • Certificate III in ESI – Power Systems – Distributed Overhead 
  • Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician
  • Lay ESI electrical cables
  • Install and maintain de-energised low voltage underground polymeric cables
  • Install and maintain de-energised high voltage underground polymeric cables
  • Testing of connections to low voltage electricity networks

How Does an Electrician Become Accredited and Authorised as a Level 1 Electrician?

Being accredited and authorised as a level 1 electrician is similar to becoming a licensed electrician in NSW. A person will need to become accredited to be able to work on level 1 tasks. Becoming authorised allows a person to work for a specific local electrical distributor or work with, on or near their cables.

To become accredited a person will need to go through NSW Fair Trading and provide the following details:

  • A completed application form with all the needed details of the individual
  • Records on the person’s training and completed certificates
  • The form of the registrations by the person seeking to also be authorised 
  • Insurance evidence that is required to become licensed
  • The application fee form

After becoming accredited as a level 1 electrician the next step is to be authorised to work on level 1 tasks. The local electricity distributor will need to be contacted to allow the individual to become authorised. They will determine if the individual will be able to operate with local distribution networks. 

Additional training will need to be completed so the individual will know how to work with their network. In NSW the main local electricity distributors are Essential Energy, Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid.

What is the Difference Between Level 1, 2 and 3 ASP Electricians?

Electricians who hold the ASP license will work as a level 1, 2 or 3 electricians each performing different work. These accredited electricians can work on basic electrical tasks but have completed further training. Each electrician specialises or works in a specific electrical field:

  • Level 1 – electricians with the level 1 licensing will work on overhead and underground cabling systems next to the road. This includes working on power lines and systems which belong to the electricity distributor. Overhead and underground lines are the main systems worked on which can include installing, repairing and constructing. 
  • Level 2 – level 2 accredited electricians will work on service lines from the point of connection to a property. This means that they mainly work in private property, including all residential, commercial and industrial areas. The main systems worked on are point of attachments, consumer mains, private power poles and overhead and underground cabling systems. Disconnecting, connecting, installation, repair and maintenance work will be performed by the level 2 electricians. 
  • Level 3 – level 3 electricians are only allowed to design distribution networks but not work on them. These accredited level three electricians cannot install, connect, disconnect, repair or work on distributing networks. Designing and planning them are the main tasks with level 3 electricians. 

We offer Level 2 Electrician services where our accredited electricians will undergo work in all types of properties.

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