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What Is A Level 2 Charger For EVs?

A level 2 charger for EVs is one of three types of electric vehicle chargers that can be used to charge cars. They are more powerful than level 1 chargers which is why they are commonly used within residential settings. An electric car can be reliably charged to full within 8 hours which is perfect for most EV owners. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here to perform electric vehicle electrical services, including installing level 2 EV chargers. 

Level 2 chargers for EVs are the mid-range option and are perfect for residential settings. They can be easily installed only needing a wall box, charging station or for 3 phases to be upgraded. These chargers can charge electric vehicles in 3 to 8 hours which is suitable for the general public. Level 1 chargers are slower and level 3 chargers are mainly for public charging stations which is why level 2 chargers are best for most EV drivers.

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What is a Home Level 2 Charger for EVs?

There are different types of electric vehicle chargers that can be installed in the home and level 2 chargers are an option. They are sold separately from the car but can also be purchased alongside buying the car. This is because a level 2 charger for EVs are stronger than level 1 chargers and are more complicated. They need to be connected to a 240V power outlet and will charge from 3 to 7 times faster than standard level 1 chargers. It is 3 times faster for hybrid cars to charge and 5 to 7 times faster for all electric cars to charge with level 2 chargers. 

What are the Different Chargers for EVs?

A level 2 charger for EVs is one out of three options for charging the electric vehicle at home. Level 1 and level 3 options are available and below is a guide on how all three electric vehicle chargers perform and which one is best suited for your needs:

Level 1 Charger for EVs

These chargers can be plugged into residential power outlets and are the slowest out of the different chargers. Level 2 chargers most times come when purchasing the electric car as well. They are best suited for cars that have a smaller battery and for people who only drive their electric vehicle less often, such as 40km a day. When it comes to how fast they charge it can range from 8 to 40 hours for a full charge and depends on how large the battery is. 

Level 2 Charger for EVs

Level 2 chargers are the mid-range for EV chargers as they are much faster than level 1 chargers but not as quick as level 3. Most people who want their car to charge faster will need level 2 over level 3 as it is sufficient. Level 2 EV chargers are common due to their effectiveness and reliability, charging 40km of range in one hour and for 8 hours to fully charge the battery. If a level 2 charger for EVs wants to be installed then they cannot be plugged into a wall socket but a dedicated charging station or wall box needs to be installed. 

Level 3 Charger for EVs

Level 3 chargers are extremely fast at charging electric vehicles, as much as 50 times faster than level 2 chargers. Within minutes a car can be charged using direct current technology but level 3 chargers are mainly found within public charging stations. They are expensive and require more power which is why for residential use it is not recommended. But level 3 chargers for electric vehicles are powerful and when people need their car charged they can rely on level 3 public charging stations. 

How to Install a Home Level 2 Charger for EVs?

When deciding on choosing a level 2 charger for EVs to be installed then there are some considerations that need to be made:

  • Location – where the charger will be connected needs to be thought out, most times it is in the garage or carport area. Planning where the charger needs to sit will also depend on the room size, most charging units are 380mm tall, 180mm wide and 130mm deep and considering if they can fit if there will be one is needed.
  • 3 Phase Power – a Level 2 Electrician will provide their advice on if 3 phase power will be more reliable and beneficial to be installed. Our blog article ‘Does my EV need 3 phase switchboard upgrade’ provides all the details. 
  • Electrician – talking to an electrician to know if they are the right person for the job is advised. An electrician’s advice is also recommended to have their opinion on the level 2 charger installation, such as if renewable energy sources can be used, and to ask EV charger installation questions.

We highly recommend reading our blog ‘how to prepare your home for an EV’ for all the information on how to properly plan for EV chargers!

Expert Electricians Installing Level 2 Chargers for EVs

The Local Electrician is here to send fully qualified electricians to help Sydney locals when they need a level 2 charger for EVs to be installed. Our team is experienced at handling EV chargers where we will install them safely into any location. 

We provide expert advice on the installation and are here to install and provide answers on the electric car chargers for anyone, including South Sydney and North Shore.


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