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What is Cotton Cloth Wiring?

Throughout history, there have been numerous major advancements in electrical wiring. This includes cotton cloth wiring which was included within homes before the years of the 1960s. However, cotton cloth wiring brings multiple issues with it. Especially as time moves forward, the increase in your home having an electrical fire or electrocution occurs. Having cotton cloth wires is not a risk until certain qualities begin to develop. But, you will not see the decay as usual they are behind walls. Therefore, at The Local Electrician, we are able to replace your wiring system through the help of our Level 2 Electrician team. This is a result though carefully removing/ replacing the wires and installing new and safer wires in your home or work space.

Cotton cloth wiring is a type of wiring system that was commonly used in homes built before the 1960s. It is a cloth-insulated wiring complex where copper is wrapped within rayon or cotton. There is also either rubberised insulation or asbestos paper included into the mix. As the cotton becomes more brittle as time passes, the wiring system poses a greater risk to the safety of your electrical appliances, more importantly to you.

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Why is cotton cloth wiring so unsafe to both the building I am in as well as myself?

As a result of cotton cloth wiring being created in older times, the new technologies if future periods are not involved in it. Such as ground systems, there are numerous points to why cotton cloth wiring can cause severe damage to the surrounding appliances and people:

  • The presence of asbestos in the wires is extremely hazardous. As asbestos has been directly linked to developing cancer, this is a dangerous issue. Because the older wires were coated in asbestos or cloth, it has to be handled with care. If any further action or work is done on the wires, it is important that constant awareness of the asbestos should be considered.
  • The wire may not have the necessary amount of heat resilience. Consequently, when heat will be radiated from the wires, the surrounding areas may be prone to excessive heat. As the cloth seated cable cannot contain all the heat that produces from the electrical wire, there is a chance of heat damage to parts of the building.
  • As the cotton cloth wire becomes older, the wire brittles and the chance of it cracking/ breaking increases. The danger to this is that an exposed and bare wire will be present within the walls and ceilings of the building. Thus, the chance that an electrical fire starts rises rapidly as the wires can touch and spark. Additionally, if someone would touch the bare wire they could as a result become electrocuted severely.
  • As the older your home’s or work’s electrical system is, the likelihood of proper grounding systems decreases. During the time where the cotton cloth wires were being installed, not every place was correctly grounded. As ground testing prevents the excess electrical charges from ruining your appliances/ causing other damage, it is very important. Therefore, ungrounded places/systems are at higher risk of electrical surges/ charges from sparking your home. Also, they can cause terrible effects on your electrical appliances, like computers `lives’ being shortened.

A combination of both the age of the system/ technology and the materials included is why cotton cloth wiring can be so dangerous. It is really important that if you know this system is present to ensure that it is safe. However, in most cases, it is highly encouraged that simply replacing the electrical system entirely is the best option.

I am considering replacing my cotton cloth wiring system, what should I do?

There is only simple option to this question and that is to hire a professional electrician.

Doing the trade personally will only increase the amount of danger. Also, it will probably further damage caused on your residential or commercial building. The lack of skills and knowledge will only be a negative on the whole problem. Because, most likely there would be no knowledge on what to do unless you have had previous experience.

Thus, we highly and strongly recommend hiring a trained electrician to deal with the subject. Furthermore, a Level 2 Electrician is advised as they have more skills than regular electricians.  They are qualified to perform more dangerous tasks, as well as possess all the needed knowledge and skills for the process. As there are bare electrical wires, brittle wires, ungrounded systems and/or asbestos involved, a level 2 electrician will know how to safely prevent harm.

How Much Does Cotton Cloth Wiring Cost To Replace?

As cotton cloth wiring is extremely dangerous and cannot be done personally. A licensed ASP electrician will need to be called. The average price for cotton cloth wiring will vary depending on job size, wiring length etc. However, it will approximately cost you in the $1000s to replace completely.

Who should I trust to work on my cotton cloth wiring system?

There are many dangers which can happen when a neutral wire breaks.

The Local Electrician have been working in Sydney for over 25 years. This means that we have seen plenty of homes with cotton cloth wiring and know how to properly deal with the issue. As mentioned before, we have qualified Level 2 Electricians who are able to work on installing a new electrical system. Importantly, they have the license to work in all types of buildings and environments. This factor helps in our team knowing exactly how to source the problem and how to tackle the whole new installation. Above all, with the needed certification the level two electrician knows exactly how to perform a safe job. This is through us following the Mandatory Wiring Rules that the NSW Government supplies, which all electricians should follow for legal and safe practices in Australia. Therefore, knowing how to work with exposed wires, asbestos and other dangers will reduce the amount of negative damage to none when we work.

To contact our expert services, call 0439 823 1… or email us at info@thelocalelectrician.com.au. This is so we can inspect the property and follow up with the safest and best method for replacing the cotton cloth wiring system. If there is an emergency with the situation, we do offer exceptional emergency electrician services. We can arrive as soon as possible and ensure that your place is safe from your cotton cloth wiring and we will also offer you a FREE safety inspection.

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