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What Is The Most Energy Efficient Lighting?

There are different types of lights to choose from however finding the most energy efficient lighting is simple. Each light type has its benefits but some are overall more energy efficient than others. The main types of lighting are incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and LED bulbs that are installed within properties. Here at The Local Electrician our Emergency Electrician team is here to perform light installation services and can provide professional advice on energy efficient lighting. 

The most energy efficient lighting out of incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and LED bulbs are LED lights. These use their energy the most efficiently transferring most of it into light at lower costs. When wanting to install lights that are energy efficient and save money on the energy bill then LEDs are the best choice.

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What are the Different Types of Energy Efficient Lighting?

Below is a guide on the different types of light and their energy efficient levels:

Type of Light How They Work Energy Efficiency 
Incandescent By heating a wire to a high temperature using electrical currents light is created when it grows brightly. When more energy is used the light grows brighter and also more heat is produced. These were used for more than 100 years but have been phased out of Australia since 2009.  Since these lights create heat when energy runs through the wire this type of light is not extremely energy efficient because as much as 90% of energy is wasted on heat creation. This means that is any of these lights are still within the home that it is strongly recommended to replace them as they waste most of the energy on heat production which can also be a safety hazard itself. 
Halogen These lights work similar to incandescent when heating a tungsten filament but use halogen gas. This means that light can be created without producing as much heat.  Even though halogen lights are more efficient than incandescent it still does not last as long or are not as energy efficient as other types of lighting. They cost less to purchase but the long term energy costs will be greater than other more efficient lights. 
Fluorescent To create light these lights will use an electric charge within a vapour filled glass tub to do so. The tube has mercury vapour that will react and create invisible ultraviolet light that when hit on a phosphor lining will create the visible light which is warmer in colour. Fluorescent lights are much more energy efficient when compared to incandescent and halogen lighting. They are easy to install when replacing the traditional light bulbs and produce little heat and more light. Even though they are energy efficient they are not as efficient as LEDs and will not last as long but are still a great option. 
LEDs Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs function differently compared to other lighting types. They send electricity to a solid material which will excite electrons and when they move around light is produced. Little electricity is wasted on generating heat and the colour of the light is cooler LEDs are the most energy efficient lighting choice producing the most light without wasting energy. Even though they may be slightly more expensive when initially purchasing them, LEDs will save the most on the energy bill in the long term. Since they use energy the most efficiently without wasting it on heat they are the best choice of lighting. We encourage reading our blog ‘how much do LED lights cost and save’ for more information!

To know more about the different types of lighting our blog article offers all the needed information!

Professional Light Installation Services

The Local Electrician provides fully qualified electricians to Sydney locals to carry out lighting services, including energy efficient lighting. Each electrician is trained to perform light installations of all kinds efficiently and safely. Whether it be downlights, security lighting, wall lighting, external lighting and more, we make sure that all lighting services are performed on time and reliably. 

We offer our lighting services to all Sydney areas, including North Shore, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West. Our Level 2 Electrician services are here as well where our team will perform more advanced work within properties. 


For advice with energy efficient lighting or needing professional services with lighting in general – always rely on The Local Electrician!

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