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What To Do In An Electrical Emergency?

An electrical emergency is a stressful and potentially dangerous situation that occurs from a range of electrical issues. Following key steps to prevent major concerns and ensure professionals can resolve the problem is important. There are many different types of electrical emergency citations, the most common relating to electrical shock, fires, power outages and fallen power lines. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team is here 24 hours a day to resolve any electrical emergency within Sydney.

A general guide on what to do in an electrical emergency is:

  • When it is safe disconnect the power of what the cause of the electrical emergency is
  • Ensure everyone is safe from electrical danger by remaining calm, staying away and not touching anything
  • Contact professional emergency services, such as an emergency electrician
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What Do I Do in an Electrical Emergency Situation?

The type of electrical emergency will influence what steps to take, below is a guide on what to do in common electrical emergencies.

Power Outages

Power outages, blackouts or failures are some of the most electrical emergencies that people face. The reasons why the power is turned off and not working can be from fallen power lines, a storm and more issues. In the event of an electrical outage follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off all heating and cooling appliances first at the power point then at the circuit breaker
  2. Find what caused the power to go out, often seeing if the circuit breaker has tripped is a good starting point. If the problem can be fixed then safely attempt but if the issue cannot be found or is too dangerous to handle by a non-professional then leave it alone
  3. When the blackout is not from the breakers tripping due to electrical overloading then faulty wiring may be the issue
  4. Contact an emergency electrician as they will be able to repair the circuit breaker, wires or other issues that may have caused the power outage
  5. If the electrician has inspected the systems and has concluded that the electrical systems are not causing the blackout then contacting the electrical distributor to alert them of the problem is important 
  6. Once the power has been restored wait a few minutes before using the electrical appliance and turn on the circuit breaker 

Electrical Fires

Most times electrical fires will occur due to electrical overloading, damaged or exposed wiring or when flammable items are near light bulbs and sources. When an electrical fire is occurring follow these steps:

  1. Cut the power supply of the electrical source that is causing the electrical fire. Taking out the power plug if it is safe but always turning off power to that circuit is important
  2. Ensure to use a fire extinguisher to deals with the fire and never throw water onto electrical appliances or systems that are on fire
  3. Call emergency services to handle the fire and make sure that if the fire becomes severe to evacuate the building

Electrical Shocks

A person may receive electrical shocks from touching frayed, exposed or faulty wiring or a damaged power outlet or appliance. Whenever a person has received electrical shock follow these steps:

  1. If safe turn off the power supply directly of the place where the person received the shock and if not possible turn off the power supply through the main circuit
  2. Make sure to not touch the person if they are directly touching electricity, such as their hand is still on the wire
  3. Contact emergency services if the person’s health is at risk from the electrical shock 

Fallen Power Lines

Fallen power lines will often occur from storms or when trees fall on them, if this is the case follow these steps:

  1. Ensure to stay at least 8m away from the power pole and line as it is a dangerous zone
  2. Also look out for potential conductors of electricity, such as puddles, metal fences or cars, and do not touch them
  3. Avoid touching any trees or objects that are also making direct contact with the fallen power lines and poles
  4. Contact the electricity distributor about the issue for them to repair the issue

Expert Emergency Electricians Responding To Any Electrical Emergency

The Local Electrician is here at all times to provide professional electrical services during any electrical emergency. Our fully qualified electricians have the skills and experience to address any electrical problem with ease. We make sure that the whole situation is safely controlled and all the steps involved are effective and accurate.

We offer our electrical emergency support to all of Sydney, including Northern Beaches, South Sydney and Sutherland Shire. Our Level 2 Electrician team is here as well whenever needing professionals to perform more advanced electrical work.


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