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When To Upgrade A Switchboard?

When we talk about upgrading electrical appliances at our homes, we usually think about the microwave, TV, or even the refrigerator at times. But we never talk about switchboard upgrades, do we?

It  is a standard topic which is never talked about. First of all, for people who think that there is no need for upgrading a switchboard, there is. The switchboard is the central hub for many, if not all, of your electrical appliances at home. It works as a medium between the electricity and the appliance, and you as the conductor who can decide to switch whatever appliance on and off.

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What is a Switchboard?

Like many other electrical appliances, these switchboards also undergo an inevitable wear and tear over the years and as a result, show problems while functioning. Sometimes the wires get oxidized, or they experience a loose connection, because of which your general appliance stop functioning or show problems while functioning. The main reasons why you need to upgrade your switchboard include:

  1. The switchboard is overcrowded
  2. Your appliances trip (or drop) the circuit
  3. Flickering Lights
  4. An Old Fuse
  5. A Burning Smell
  6. Sparks
  7. Melted or blackened fuses

People often get confused and try getting the appliance fixed rather than the switchboard checked. It  is a common mistake that costs a lot and gives no outcome. So, if you are wondering what is causing multiple electrical appliances to fail in your kitchen or at home. Then maybe you need to call an electrician and get a switchboard upgrade.

Signs You Might Need A Switchboard Upgrade

These are the signs that might mean that you need a new switchboard upgrade.

1. The switchboard is overcrowded

Your switchboard looks like there are way too many things that need to be there, and it seems congested. Once you notice this congestion of wires and appliances on your switchboard, you should not add on more appliances to this connection. All you can do is either call and emergency electrician and get a bigger and better system fixed before you overload the circuits and cause a safety hazard.

2. Your appliances trip (or drop) the circuit

Old switchboards happen to cause a short circuit more often as they are not so efficient power-wise. But, these days, many electrical appliances are being made that, in one way or another, overload the current circuit as it is, so older switchboards are not equipped to deal with so many modern appliances.

So short circuits are dangerous and can cause fires, that’s why if your appliances happen to trip the circuit, it’s time you need a new switchboard.

3. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can be caused by many things, like loose bulbs or some unfinished electrical work while fixing them. But many times, it is the switchboard that is causing them to flicker like that. So, get your lightbulbs and switchboards checked before jumping to conclusions on purchasing new light bulbs, etc.

4. An Old Fuse

Fuses are old technology and do not provide much protection. These might have also been installed in your home a long time ago. So there are chances that the fuses might have expired or used, and now there is increased chance of an electrical fault or fire. So, to get your fuses replaced, a new switchboard works wonders. Try calling your emergency electrician now and get those fuses replaced.

5. A Burning Smell

If you happen to notice a plastic-like burning smell coming from your switchboard or anywhere around it, this may be an overloaded circuit or faulty wiring. It  can be extremely dangerous and can cause a huge hazard, so call your emergency electrician immediately.

6. Sparks

When we see sparks on an electrical appliance, we know for sure that there is something wrong with the switchboard or the appliance. Sparks on or near the switchboard are even more dangerous, and this is an indication that you need to get your switchboard replaced as soon as possible.

7. Melted or blackened fuses

Like busted fuses, melted and blackened fuses also represent the same thing, that the fuse did its job and now your circuit is prone to danger. This again is a strong sign of a damaged or old fuse that needs replacing. So if your electrical fuses are damaged, they are unsafe and should be looked at by a licensed electrician.

Now when you know that your switchboards need to be changed or at least examined once, what is the next step? Whom do you call for this job?

Taking on this problem, single-handedly can be dangerous and can not end well for the appliance and you. So, call The Local Electrician today as your emergency electrician and get your switchboard checked!

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