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Where Do I Find A List Of Level 2 Electrical Contractors

To find professional level 2 electrical contractors that can supply a Level 2 Electrician, Energy Saver has a list of accredited service providers working in NSW. A level 2 electrician performs more advanced work than other electricians and will be needed for specific electrical tasks. Such as helping with electrical defect notices or disconnecting and reconnecting power lines, it is important to choose a reliable contractor. Here at The Local Electrician, we are professional and certified level 2 electrical contractors that offer a wide range of level 2 services.

To find a list of level 2 electrical contractors Energy Saver provides a list that includes contractors that work in NSW. The list is constantly updated to include new level 2 contractors and each contractor listed is accredited and licensed. It also includes contact details, location and what Class the company is to guide on what jobs they can perform.

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How Do I Use the Energy Saver Level 2 Electrical Contractor List?

The list that contains all the certified level 2 electrical contractors in NSW contains key information about the specific contractor. Below is a guide on how to read the table and what to understand:

About the Contractor

The list makes it easy to know what the level 2 electrical contractor’s name is, where they are located and what their accredited number is. This information will make it clear what the company’s name is and the accredited number to make it easy to find them. The location is also helpful as it can indicate where the contractor is mainly situated. The location provided though does not mean that they are limited to where they can work but where their main headquarters is. 


A level 2 electrical contractor’s class listed will help guide on what type of jobs they are able and qualified to perform. The different classes for level 2 electricians are:

Class Definition Jobs
2A Connection points Disconnecting and connecting connection points from a power pole to a building. This often includes the point of attachment where cables from the private power pole or electricity network cables connect to the building. 
2B Underground service lines Working to replace old electricity supply cables underground or installing new ones are common tasks. Operating with underground service line protection devices and general underground cabling is included. 
2C Overhead service lines Similar to underground service lines, level 2 electricians can work on overhead cables. This can include repairing any sagging or fallen power lines, operating on private poverty overhead lines and installing new cables.  
2D Service equipment  This means that an electrician will work on the electrical switchboard, protection devices, fuses and similar systems. Electrical work can include upgrading a single phase switchboard to a three phase, testing safety devices and installing new circuit breakers. 

To know about the different types of jobs level 2 electricians mainly perform our blog offers more details and examples.  

Contact Details

The list offers the telephone number, email address and fax number of the electrical contractor. Each company will have at least one of them available to make it easy to contact them for their electrical services.

How Do I Choose a Good Level 2 Electrical Contractor?

After reading through the list selecting the best electrical contractor can be difficult but knowing what to look for is simple. Below is a guide on what to look out for when choosing the best level 2 electrical contractor:

Certifications and Reliability

Professional level 2 electrical contractors will be able to provide their licenses and insurances to show they are credible. They should be licensed under Fair Trading NSW and be covered under the necessary insurances. Trusted contractors will always provide a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work as well. To ensure they are reliable look over the reviews of the contractor to ensure they are recommended and not discouraged. 

Level 2 Electrical Services Offered

It is important that the electrical contractor is able to perform the needed tasks wanting to be completed. A good electrical contractor of level 2 electricians will offer a variety of professional electrical services. If they do not offer the service needed then they might not be the best contractor for the job. 

For more information on how to choose a good electrician, our blog provides more details on the subject.

Reliable Level 2 Electrical Contractors in Sydney

When looking for professional level 2 electrical contractors in Sydney The Local Electrician is here to help. Each level 2 electrician with us is a fully qualified professional who will be able to complete a wide range of advanced work. Every task will be completed safely, on time and efficiently as we always deliver top quality work.

Our level 2 electricians are available to work in all areas, including Northern Beaches and Greater Western Sydney. We also offer trusted electrical emergency services where we send a certified Emergency Electrician to perform any job 24 hours a day.


For trusted and licensed level 2 electricians in Sydney – trust the best level 2 electrical contractor The Local Electrician!

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