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Who Can Connect Power To My House?

To connect power to the house contacting the electricity provider and a qualified electrician are needed. Ensuring planning is smooth will help have power connected and work in the home as soon as possible. Either changing plans, electricity providers or homes will mean different steps are needed to have power connected correctly. Here at The Local Electrician, our Level 2 Electrician team will connect power to people’s homes professionally throughout Sydney.

The person who will connect power to the home is a licensed electrician. When the electrician has the level 2 asp certification they will be able to connect more systems. Ensuring there is a proper plan with the electricity provider and the electrician to install and connect power smoothly is important.

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Who Will Connect Power to The Home?

An electrician will need to be hired to ensure that all the connections and electricity supply systems are installed correctly. Most times a level 2 electrician will be the person who connects power to the home due to their additional skills and training. From the utility connection line, the electrician will either connect them to the private power pole or straight to the home. Overhead service lines or underground service lines will also influence how power will be installed and connected to the home. 

Connecting the power cables and lines to other systems of the home is also important and needs to be done correctly. From the power line, the power cables will be connected to the point of attachment and the consumer mains. They will be connected to the electrical switchboard and electrical work will be done to ensure all systems are working with power.

What are the Steps with Connecting Power to the Home?

There are many steps involved in having power connected to the home. Depending on if the energy provider is being changed to if moving homes completely, there are certain steps that need to be made to ensure power can work correctly in the home. 

Disconnecting Electricity When Moving Homes

Before moving it is needed to contact the energy provider to tell them that you are moving homes. They will organise the disconnection of the electricity to the home and often perform it the day after moving out. This is why it is important to contact them early so you do not have to pay for electricity once moved out. Giving the electricity provider enough time to properly disconnect the power by at least one week will make the process smoother. 

Connecting Electricity to the New Home

There are a few tips to consider when moving into a new home and regarding the electricity provider:

  • At times the old electricity provider may not have the wanted plans for the new home so considering a new provider can occur, most times people will switch when moving homes anyway
  • If moving in with a housemate or many people deciding who will be the account holder of the electricity is important
  • Termination fees may apply if deciding to change contracts or changing the energy distributor
  • The new or old electricity provider who is being used will need to be contacted for the moving date

New Home

For a home that is new and built then being connected to the grid will be important. Contacting the energy provider is needed for them to manage the connection supplies and ensure the home will be able to be connected to power. Having the energy provider contact the distributor when they are not known can also help to make sure everything is connected properly. 

Swapping Electricity Providers

The main reasons why swapping electricity providers will occur are:

  • The current electricity provider cannot provide to the area which the new home is located
  • There are better competitive rates from other electricity providers
  • The current electricity provider was not able to meet the needs which were expected
  • Choosing an electricity provider that is more sustainable and uses more renewable energy

Additional Power Supplies

More power supply systems may be installed and connected to the home. A generator might be installed if the area often experiences frequent power outages to ensure the home can have power during these times. Upgrading the switchboard from single phase to three phase may also occur, such as if a new electric provider is being used, to have the power connected with greater and more reliable power.

How Long Does it Take to Connect Power to the Home?

Often it takes a full business day to connect power to a house but sometimes it may take two to three days. The provider will only work on connecting power to homes often only on business days where electricians may work outside these hours. Disconnecting and reconnecting power, installing private poles for power to performing tests, there are many tasks involved in the process.

Professional Electricians Connecting Power to Homes

The Local Electrician is here when needing a fully qualified electrician to connect power to your home. We will install power poles, lines and other systems to ensure electricity is there to properly power the home. When moving houses to changing electricity networks, we will work to successfully connect power to any home.

We will connect power to homes in all Sydney suburbs, from the Eastern Suburbs to South Western Sydney. Our Emergency Electrician team is also here at any time when needing urgent help regarding power.


When needing trusted electricians to connect power to your home – rely on The Local Electrician!

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