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Who Is Responsible For Trimming Trees Around Power Lines?

Different people will be responsible for different situations regarding trimming trees around power lines. Depending on where the trees are and what power lines will influence who is needed to trim the trees. A tree trimmer will need to be contacted by the council or property owner to ensure the trees can be safely trimmed. Here at The Local Electrician, our Level 2 Electrician team will resolve any issues regarding fallen power lines or poles, such as from trees. 

Property owners are responsible for trimming trees around power lines when the tree is on their property. The local council will organise a tree trimmer when the tree is near power lines and located on public land. The person who is responsible for trimming trees around power lines will need to contact a professional tree trimmer.

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Trimming Trees Around Power Lines Guide

Below is a guide on trimming trees around power lines.

Council Trees

Trees that are located on public land or in local government property will mean that the council or utility company will need to organise tree trimming. The public can contact the local council or utility network when they have noticed that the trees are close to the power line. Once they are notified the council or utility company will be quick to ensure that the hazard is dealt with correctly.

Private Property Trees

Any tree that is situated on private property will mean that when trees are close to the power lines the property owner is responsible for trimming trees around power lines. Most utility companies will have an annual tree trimming schedule where they will trim the trees close to the street even if they are located on private property. 

If there is a tree though becoming too close to the power lines then the property owner will need to take responsibility. This can be in the form of contacting a tree trimmer or talking to the utility company if they can trim the trees. 

Reporting Trees Near Power Lines

Residents of NSW should contact utility companies or local councils as soon as possible when they notice trees touching power lines. Contacting them through email, texts, calls or through online forms, such as Ausgrid or Essential Energy, are ways to report trees touching power lines. 

DIY Tree Trimming

It is illegal for an untrained person to trim trees that are near power lines. Going too close to the power line is extremely dangerous as there are many safety guidelines to follow that only trained personnel know. Touching trees that are in contact with power lines is also highly dangerous and should be avoided. 

Fallen Power Lines

If there has been a fallen power line then the utility company should be contacted and also a level 2 electrician. A level 2 asp electrician is trained at handling power lines and poles that have fallen, including from fallen trees. It is important to stay away from the area and make sure that the professionals are contacted as soon as possible. For more information about what happens when a tree falls on a power line read our blog today. 

Neighbour Trees

If the neighbour’s trees are touching your own power lines then ensure to alert them of the situation. Contact the utility company as well to ensure that they can address the problem with the close trees. Contacting the utility company will also be important if the neighbour is not cooperating with the situation. 

Average Cost

Within NSW the average tree trimming job will be around $440. The price can range from $200 to $1200 spending on the scale, difficulty and location of the tree trimming service. Ensuring a licensed tree trimmer performs the service is important and to not choose a dodgy untrained and cheaper tradesperson.

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