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Why Should You Upgrade To 3-Phase Switchboard?

A 3-phase switchboard is a powerful electrical switchboard which is often used in commercial and industrial buildings. It is still recommended to be installed and replace an older switchboard as it can handle larger electricity demands and currents. With air conditioning and other appliances using more electricity, a 3-phase switchboard is perfect to support the electrical need. The Local Electrician offers the best Level 2 Electrician team to work across all of Sydney and on 3-phase switchboards upgrades!

Upgrading to a 3-phase switchboard is recommended for residential homes even though they are made for commercial buildings. They are powerful to support 3-phase electrical equipment (such as air conditioning units) and will never drop power supply to zero. Electrical appliances will also last longer, more power is generated and there is less cabling involved with a 3 phase switchboard upgrade.

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What is a 3-phase Electrical Switchboard?

A 3-phase electrical switchboard has four wires, one neutral and three active. This type of switchboard is powerful enough to successfully power three-phase electrical systems. They are often installed in commercial or larger buildings due to the number of electrical systems. However, they can also be installed in residential homes, especially larger ones, where there are more systems and appliances. 

Main Reasons for 3 Phase Switchboard Installation

The main reasons why a person would choose to install a 3-phase system into their home are:

  • They offer much more power and are more reliable at keeping systems safe
  • When 3-phase systems, machinery or appliances are being installed within the home
  • Air conditioning often needs a lot of power where 3-phase systems can support this
  • Older ovens, fridges, washing machines and other appliances which are being replaced and the new ones need more power
  • The old electrical system is too dangerous to keep and needs replacing
  • You have received a 3 phase electrical defect notice from Ausgrid, Endeavour or Essential energy. If you have received this defect notice, you have up to 21 days to resolve the issue, otherwise risk the power being disconnected to your property

These are often the main driving factors which will influence a person installing the new 3-phase switchboard. From safety reasons to the need for a higher power supply, the 3-phase system is beneficial.


Benefits of 3-phase Switchboards

There are many benefits which come with installing a 3-phase switchboard into the home:

  • Upgrading a single phase switchboard to a 3-phase is easy and not too complicated. A level 2 electrician will be able to work with the switchboard to replace the old one safely. Installing the new one and connecting all the parts, such as the safety switches and circuit breakers, are carried out expertly  
  • 3-phase switchboards will never drop the power supply to zero. This is ideal for commercial buildings and also is beneficial to residential homes
  • Energy loss is decreased, meaning the system is more energy efficient. It uses energy more effectively and as much as it can without wasting a large amount
  • Any electrical equipment or appliances which run on 3-phase will last longer connected to the correct switchboard. The power distribution will be correct and the system is receiving its proper power need. This will allow the systems to last longer and decrease the potential of problems 
  • As the system is more efficient and built with modern technology there are less parts involved. This means that it is overall cheaper to run due to not using as much electricity or power

Installing the 3-phase switchboard comes with many positives that will save people money, time and worries.

3-Phase Switchboards Installation

Installing the new 3-phase system into the home is performed by a licensed level 2 electrician. As the system is more advanced and complicated a regular electrician will not know how to properly install the 3-phase. The level 2 electrician will remove the old system carefully, if there is one, and install the new 3-phase system. 

The whole process is performed safely where inspections are always made throughout the job. This is to ensure that each part of the system is correctly connected while all points are safe. It is needed that the level 2 electrician performs the job and no other untrained professionals undergo the process. The 3-phase switchboards need to be installed correctly to prevent future issues from a poor installation job.

How Much Do 3 Phase Upgrades Cost?

The approximate cost within Sydney for 3 phase switchboard upgrades ranges from $2,500-$6,000*. There are a number of different factors that can influence the total cost as every property and switchboard is unique. We highly recommend contacting your local electrician to get an onsite inspection and estimate for any job you may be undertaking.

Reasons Why To Upgrade A Switchboard

Upgrading a switchboard is advised as there are many benefits and also reasons a person should do it. In general, upgrading an electrical switchboard is recommended for the following purposes:

  • It will align with the safety standards of New South Wales, because a safe switchboard is operating in the home
  • A healthy switchboard is important as it controls the electricity supply to the home. A working distribution board will allow all systems to receive the necessary power and be working correctly
  • Older switchboards often do not have safety switches installed into them. These switches help with protecting outlets, appliances and people from receiving an electrical shock. When a detected surge in voltage occurs the safety switches turn off the power supply to prevent issues from occurring. As it is standard to have safety switches in homes, the new switchboards will have these
  • Older ceramic service fuses are not as safe as the current circuit breakers. Additionally, incorrectly sized fuses will increase the chance of them overheating. Newer switchboards will ensure that the fuses are all correct
  • Asbestos was built into older switchboards and can now cause health risks to people. Ensuring that a new switchboard which is not made of asbestos is extremely important to anyone’s safety.

For more information on asbestos switchboard removal, read our blog with detailed insights into the process.


3-Phase Switchboard Services

The Local Electrician offers all of Sydney with reliable 3-phase switchboard services, including repairs and installations. Our level 2 electricians are fully qualified and understand how to properly work on the system. Repairing, installing or inspecting the 3-phase system, our electricians perform the job correctly. We are able to work in all residential areas to upgrade the current switchboard.

Upgrading switchboards access Sydney, we can work anywhere including the North Shore, Eastern Suburbs and Inner West. We also offer qualified Emergency Electrician workers to Sydney for us to work at any time and perform any job.


When needing reliable 3-phase switchboard upgrade services – contact The Local Electrician now on 0439 823 190!

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