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Wifi Wiring – Everything You Need To Know!

Wifi wiring is important to ensure the house can be connected to the internet. The main type of wiring used is twisted-pair ethernet cables which are used to connect devices and wireless network routers to the main internet connection point. A licensed electrician will perform work on wifi wiring, which includes installing and repairing it. Here at The Local Electrician, our Emergency Electrician team will perform all kinds of work with wifi wiring for Sydney. 

Twisted-pair Ethernet cables are the main type used in wifi wiring. They connect DSL and cable routers to appliances and modems as well as appliances to other appliances or switches. Installing wifi wiring will often cost $65 to $95 per hour for labour while the size of the home, number of outlets and cable type will influence the final price.

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What Cabling is Used in Wifi Wiring?

The main cable that is used for wifi wiring is twisted-pair ethernet cables and they are the most common type used. The main roles of twisted-pair ethernet cables are connecting:

  • DSL/ cable routers or wifi modem routers to computers
  • Computers to either thumbs or switches
  • DSL/ cable routers or wifi modems to a wireless router or access point
  • Computers to other laptops or computers
  • DSL/ cable routers or wifi modems to switches or hubs
  • Other appliances and devices, such as printers, to other electrical appliances, such as computers, hubs or switches

What are Twisted-pair Ethernet Cables?

Twisted-pair ethernet cables are used in wifi network wiring connections and contain eight copper insulated wires. They are within a plastic sleeve and two of them are twisted together to form a pair. There are four pairs and then the four pairs are twisted together to create on cable. These all contribute to the overall performance of the cable, including crosstalk, electromagnetic interference and attenuation. 

Crosstalk is when an electrical signal is transmitted across one wire negatively which will affect the signal transmitted over the other wire. Electromagnetic interference are the noises that are created between the wires and when the electrical signals are transmitted. Attenuation is when there is a gradual loss of intensity with the electrical signal and then it travels across other wires. 

With twisted-pair ethernet cables there will also be a clear plastic jack that connects on both ends. Often called an RJ-45 connector, this part also looks similar to that of a telephone jack.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Wifi Wiring?

The average price of wifi wiring installation is around $65 to $95 per hour with just the labour. The size of the house, how many power sockets are being connected, the type of cable and how difficult the installation will be also influence this price. Installing wifi for new homes or when undergoing electrical renovations, home internet will need to be installed properly. 

Only a licensed electrician who is trained to work with data cabling will be able to perform the wired internet cabling installation. This is because electrical wiring, keystone jacks, wall plates, wall sockets and other electrical systems are present. If an untrained electrician had to perform wi fi network installation then the chance of dangerous situations and parts being installed incorrectly increases. 

Some guides on home network and wifi wiring installation prices:

Installation Job or Factor Average Price
Drawn into the conduit $4-$8
Fixed to cable tray $7-$12
Tied to catenary wire in ceiling space $8-$15
Drawn into the conduit (underground cable) $10-$19
RJ45 socket modular socket clipped into a prepared plate $25-$33 each
Single RJ45 socket and a flush faceplate $35-$44 each
Twin RJ45 socket and a flush faceplate $54-$67 each
Triple RJ45 socket and a flush faceplate $73-$92 each
Quad RJ45 socket and a flush faceplate $92-$114 each

What Influences Wifi Wiring Installation Costs?

There are certain factors that influence the overall cost of the wifi wiring installation:

  • Cable Type – the three main types of cables are coaxial, fibre optic and the main one being twisted-pair ethernet cables. Twisted pairs are also the most affordable and can transfer data network signals across a short-to-medium length distance. When these are installed then the price will be overall less than installing the other types of cables.
  • Cable Length – how much wiring is used across the rooms and how much is distributed will influence the prices. The size of each cable and how much is needed for each connection needs to be considered. 
  • Number of Sockets – the more sockets installed in different rooms means the more cables are needed and this will add to the overall price.
  • Labour and Data Installer – each electrician will charge differently for their labour costs when installing wifi wiring.

Expert Wifi Wiring Installation Services

The Local Electrician is here with professional wifi wiring services for Sydney locals to trust. Each fully qualified electrician will ensure to have all wifi cabling and parts installed correctly and safely. Our team arrives on time and makes sure to utilise the best techniques when working with wifi wiring.

We offer our data cabling and wifi wiring services to all Sydney suburbs, including Greater Western Sydney and Northern Beaches. Our Level 2 Electrician team is also here to perform more advanced cabling and general electrical jobs.


For the most trusted and reliable wifi wiring services – contact The Local Electrician!

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