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What Is Lumen Lighting?

Lumen lighting is the level of light emitted or light output of a light bulb. This means that if the light source has higher lumens it means that the light is brighter. When purchasing light to be installed in homes lumens are a factor to be considered to choose the perfect lighting. Here at The Local Electrician our fully licensed electricians will carry out lighting installation services and install lumen lighting. 

Lumen lighting is how much light is seen by the human eye from a light source, such as LED lights. The wattage of light bulbs is how much energy it uses where its lumen level is how bright it shines. When going through a light installation or light replacement buying energy efficient lights with a high lumen level is recommended.

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What is Lumen with Lighting?

Lumens (lm) are a measurement of how much light is visible to the human eye when produced by a light source. This means that lumens are used to measure the amount of brightness a light has to offer, such as downlights or ceiling mounted lights. A light bulb’s lumen reading will help a person when deciding on what light to choose how bright that light will go. 

How is Wattage Different from Lumens?

Wattage (w), or watts, are another measurement used in lighting. Watts will measure the overall energy consumption of the specific light or how much electricity the bulb will use. Older models of lights, such as incandescents, used to have similar lumen and wattage readings. 

Modern lights will often have a lower wattage as they consume less energy overall. They will also have a higher lumen number as technology has grown and less energy can still produce a large amount of bright light.

What Should I Look for When Purchasing Lights?

When choosing the best light to install around the house there are certain qualities of the product to look for. Most light bulbs will come with a label describing key information on the light. Here are some of the qualities to look for when purchasing light bulbs:

  • Lumens – find the number of lumens the bulb has which will help indicate how bright the light will shine
  • Energy costs – there will often be an Energy Guide label attached to help describe the average yearly cost to run the bulb
  • Lifespan – it is helpful to know how long the bulb will last on average to help plan when replacing it needs to happen 
  • Light appearance – this means the colour temperature and will describe how warm or cool the light shines 
  • Energy star label – the higher the stars listed on the product will help indicate how energy efficient the product is

What Light Type is Best for Lumens?

It is strongly recommended that LED lights are chosen over incandescent lights, halogen lights and other forms of lighting. This is due to their energy saving benefits over incandescent bulbs and other types of lights. Below is a table describing the various lumen levels and the average wattage usage for the different types of lights:

Lumen Output Incandescent (watts) Halogen (watts) CFL (watts) LED (watts)
Low 25 18 4-6 3-4
Mid-low 40 28 7-9 5-8
Medium 60 42 11-14 8-12
Mid-high 75 52 14-17 11-17
High 100 70 19-23 15-23

What Lumen Levels do I Need for Different Rooms?

In terms of lumen lighting, it depends on the type and size of the room and whether it is for indoor lights or outdoor lighting. Below is a rough guide on the recommended lumen lighting levels for different rooms:

Area/ Room Lumens per SqM
Living Room 400-500
Kitchen  300-400
Bedroom 300-400
Hallway 300
Reading Area 400
Bathroom 500-600
Bedroom (Extra Lighting) 700-800
Kitchen (Extra Lighting) 700-800
Bathroom (Extra Lighting) 700-800

Professional Lumen Lighting Installation Services

The Local Electrician is the best place to perform lighting installation work with lumen lighting. Our fully qualified team members will install any type of lighting into any space or room. We will install downlights, pendant lights and all other forms of lighting around the home. Each electrician will make certain to operate on the lights safely while guaranteeing they function correctly after installation.

Each electrician will work on lumen lighting and services across Sydney, including Inner West and South Western Sydney. We also provide Level 2 Electrician services to locals where we will carry out more advanced types of jobs.


For the best lighting installation services and help with lumen lighting – contact The Local Electrician!

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