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What Is A Level 3 ASP Electrician?

A level 3 electrician is a type of accredited service provider who works within the electricity network. Level 3 asp electricians are qualified and trained to work in creating designs for network connections. This includes new, altering existing and relocating existing electricity networks, while also working with other jobs such as street light designs. Here at The Local Electrician, we offer Level 2 Electrician services to Sydney and can provide reliable recommendations for finding level 3 asp electricians. 

A level 3 electrician works with the electrical distribution design of properties, roads and areas. Some jobs include electrical network connection design, street light design, substation designs and designing overhead and underground electrical equipment locations. The electrician will have to go through the needed training and gain certification through NSW Government Planning, Industry & Environment to be a licensed asp level 3 electrician.

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What is a Level 3 Electrician?

A level 3 electrician is licensed to design overhead and underground connections in properties and on roads. The main role is to design the distribution works that connect on or will connect to the networks that are run by electricity distributors. They design and document these to the requirements for contestable services and ensure the designs align with the local electricity distributor. 

Level 3 asp electricians go through additional training and schooling to know how to perform these tasks. The average electrician cannot perform these jobs and only a level 3 can due to having the licensing and knowledge.

What Does a Level 3 Electrician Do?

Level 3 electricians design the overhead and underground connections for places that connect to the electricity distributors. With this, the main tasks a level 3 electrician performs are:

  • Design new network connections for areas
  • Decide the best power pole or private power pole for properties, such as timber or steel
  • Plan where the overhead service lines hang to ensure it is safely positioned, such as does not go over driveways or other people’s properties
  • Plan where the underground service lines will be installed so it correctly functions
  • Help in the design for substations
  • Design street lights or other electrical assets, while also working with their upgrades and relocations
  • Design inside and outdoor lighting systems and networks 
  • Provide concept designs, application and master planning for electrical supply systems
  • Provide an Environmental Assessment for all projects
  • Plan out the earthing systems for areas, such as switches and overhead earth wires
  • Manage the alterations for Telecommunication networks

How Do I Become a Level 3 Electrician?

A person will have to train to become a regular electrician to then complete additional training to become a level 3 electrician. The level 3 electrician course includes the needed skills and techniques for a person to know how to perform the tasks of a level 3 asp electrician. To then become licensed the person will need to submit an application to become a level 3 electrician.

What is the Difference Between a Level 3, 2 and 1 Electrician?

The different electricians are certified to perform different tasks more than a regular electrician:

About Classes/ Qualifications
Level 1 A level 1 electrician works on electricity network supply systems on the road rather than on private property. 
  • Class 1A – operating with or close to overhead electricity distributor systems
  • Class 1B – operating with or close to underground electricity distributor systems
  • Class 1C – performing work with Underground Polymetric and underground cables
Level 2 Level 2 electricians will connect electricity networks from the street electricity network supply to inside of private property. 
  • Class 2A – connecting or disconnecting point of attachment systems
  • Class 2B – working with underground cabling systems in private property
  • Class 2C – working with overhead cabling systems in private property
  • Class 2D – carrying out tasks on surge protection fuses and devices, along with other complicated electrical network systems and equipment 
Level 3 A level 3 electrician is the person who designs the layout of the service lines whether they are overhead or underground. 
  • Class 3A – designing overhead service lines
  • Class 3B – designing underground power supply systems

We encourage reading our blog ‘Differences Between A Level 1 & Level 2 Electrician’ if you need to know more about the difference between these two asp electricians.

Reliable Level 2 Electricians for Sydney

The Local Electrician is here with trusted level 2 electricians to work on private property and complete advanced tasks. Our team will perform a wide range of jobs that regular electricians cannot do inside of people’s properties. We are also able to recommend reliable level 3 electricians where needed.

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