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Home and Workplace EV Charger Installation

It is important to know how a home and workplace EV charger should be installed and all the planning involved. Knowing what charger, who will install it and where are some considerations with electric vehicle chargers. There will be some differences between how an EV charger will be installed at home and at the workplace. Here at The Local Electrician our Emergency Electrician team are here to perform electric vehicle charger services at home and the workplace. 

Important considerations with home and workplace EV charger installations are:

  • Choosing the correct EV charger
  • Making sure that there is proper planning done on the installation process
  • Finding a reliable and certified electrician that offers electric vehicle installation services
  • Making sure there is approval to install an EV charger at home or in the workplace
  • Having a policy at work so people know how to use the charger, any rules and who to contact for questions
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What is Involved with Home and Workplace EV Charger Installations?

Below is a guide on home and workplace EV charger installation considerations to make:

Home EV Charger Installation

  • Choosing the EV charger – there are many brands and types of EV chargers available (which can charge most EV’s including Tesla models) and it is important that the right one for your car and needs is installed. It is important that the electric car charger is compatible with your electric vehicle and can charge it correctly. Deciding whether to install level 1 or level 2 charging is also needed as this will impact the planning phase. 
  • Planning – an electrician should be involved in the planning phase when it comes to the home EV charger installation to provide their expertise. Planning for the home EV charger includes the type, location, power source, potential switchboard upgrades and more steps. Proper planning will help prevent any issues in the future with the charger and will ensure the system functions correctly. 
  • Electrician – a licensed electrician is needed to install the EV charger at home. Choosing a reliable and certified electrician is important and also make sure that they have the skills to perform the installation. 
  • Price – it is important to know how much it will cost to install the EV charger in the home to see if it is within our budget. There are many factors that influence the installation price, including the type and brand of charger, labour and material costs and the overall installation process. 

Workplace EV Charger Installation

  • Research – it is important to first know if people want EV chargers at the workplace and how many. If people do want some chargers installed then talk to stakeholders and people in charge about whether it is allowed and all the possible options are needed. Knowing who will pay for the installation, where it will be located, if the workplace can receive the correct power to facilitate the charger and other factors are crucial. 
  • Choosing the EV charger – the best EV charger for the workplace needs to be chosen and based on numerous factors. It should be compatible with the cars that people drive and able to work off the power source of the building. The charger should be user-friendly and of a reputable brand that will charge the car safely and effectively. It should also follow all the needed safety requirements, be an affordable price and determine if it is level 1 or 2.
  • Electrician – a certified electrician should be the only person who installs the workplace EV charger. Ensure that the electrician is licensed, provides the correct EV charging installation services and works at a good price. It is important an electrician works on the installation to make sure the workplace has a safe and proper working car charger. 
  • Charging policy – making a charging policy for the workplace will help people know how to use the charger safely and properly. This can include information on how to use the charger, any charging rules and etiquette, payment structures, contact details and a question section.

Trusted EV Charger Installation Services

The Local Electrician is here with the best home and workplace EV charger installation services for the locals of Sydney. We offer fully qualified electricians who have knowledge and experience working with electric vehicle chargers. Our team are here to help plan the process and perform the installation in all workplaces and homes. No matter what charger we work with or where we operate our electricians make sure to utilise the best techniques and have the charger installed safely. 

We offer our home and workplace EV charger services to all of Sydney, including the Inner West, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs. Our Level 2 Electrician services are here as well for us to perform more advanced work, including upgrading the switchboard to 3 phase power. 


For the best home and workplace EV charger services – trust The Local Electrician!

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